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drake-taylor-swift 6

The Drake-Taylor Swift Dating Memes Are Now Here

Drake and Taylor Swift are probably not dating. But Drake did introduce Taylor to his mom during his big 30th birthday bash. And there were “reports” of them getting close. That’s plenty of smoke...

yung joc hair 17

Yung Joc Defends His New Hairstyle

Yung Joc debuted a radical new hair style yesterday on IG. The Internet was quick to have fun with the rapper and reality star’s much straighter locks. Lmao who did dis to Yung Joc?...

Drake meme text 11

Drake Texting Is Now A Meme

Drake’s somewhat unique mix of extraordinary success and extraordinary goofiness have long made him an ideal target for memes. So when a photo of Drake texting while looking perturbed emerged, Twitter knew what to...