Melle Mel Says Jay Z Is A Straight Clown; Shades Eminem’s Skills

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  • Dundada

    I’d love to see it..

  • yolkipalki69

    Agreed, Eminem sound trash right now to me…….he does not bring that same hip hop he did with first few albums…… now he sounds raging

    • BrodieThaGod

      Em certified garbage since at least 09

      • Andres Cruz

        Not afraid was a banger. No love, his verse on forver was sick as the swine flu! he was garbage since 2011…. Just saying

      • Stephen A Smith

        More like 04-05…MMLP2 and Recovery were aight but just about everything else has been a screaming mish mash of words instead of his former mastery of wordplay and storytelling.

      • jellman

        Just last year his verse on “Speedom” with tech n9ne was a showstopper. I’m not a fan of speed rapping but that was just too good.

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      He did kill Dat big Sean track doe… IJS.

      • Frank White

        His verse had Nothing to do with the song tho

        • FuckYaCommentB…

          Still killed it doe…

        • Matt Leon

          Em can do stuff like that though. That’s why he’s GOAT. Em gives literally no fucks so he can do stuff like that.

          • Frank White

            that’s dumb and I hate you

          • Matt Leon

            Not really but I understand we got differing opinions. That’s just mine.

      • Myleage

        it was meh…more of a throwback verse

  • smith jones

    Lol I mean this ain’t no old scrawny dude lol

  • Yapper

    Melle Mel has been invited to the 2017 Player Haters ball featuring Silky Johnson, who is nominated for calling the police on kodak black causing him to return to jail while Silky impregnated his mom.

    • WeeGee

      SHe looks like she wears underwear with Big holes in them

      • Yapper

        Its “dick” holes

      • CDot

        What’s watching love and hip hop with the Mrs one day….he looks like that one dyke mom on there.

  • Thee_One1

    what is this BS

  • says jay z is a clown, says he can outrap eminem, and then praises macklemore (because he put him on a record shhh). one of these is not like the other two…

    • Frank White

      Favorite comment of the week

    • thatsjas2 .

      LOL, best shit ever!!

  • TKingLives


  • Andrew Trevillian

    No one in the entire game can touch Mathers, even to this day. When I mean touch, I mean an artist couldn’t come close. If anything, his flow is polished.

    • Je’sus

      Nas Wayne Andre. King Los eventually, dictionary bars are fire until you actually read them. Just my opinion doe.

    • Myleage

      Lupe, Kendrick, Andre and Big Boi, Killer Mike, Tip, Luda, Nas, Jada, Fabolous, Logic, Slaughterhouse

    • Wiseman

      One name..MC JUICE. That’s all. The only to defeat Em and til this day he still can again. Hidden Gem

  • thatsjas2 .

    Melle Mel been grumpy since the 80s when Rakim took his crown in from the 70’s….he wants people to bow down and they won’t…he feels like he should have that status that jay-z has….nobody cares!!

  • elbowgrease

    haaaaaaa I can’t deal with a lot of these old heads

  • DaveT

    Mel Relapesed again..Son isz def back on that dust stick..They should drug test mofuckas before they interview then post this shit…

  • perfect

    why are we ignoring the fact that hes racist as fuck…… what does white have to do with anything. If he was white and sat there and said the problem with jay z is that hes black he would be attacked for being a racist. The race problems are from both sides.

    • Wiseman

      Nah he’s just on his NY Ignorance. For a guy in his 60’s to talk like that says he still haven’t grown nor matured a bit. Damn shame

  • Steve

    Dude needs to sit back and take credit for being a pioneer, Master Splinter lookin mutha fucka!!!!!

  • Hoffa

    Fuck Melly Mel for that. He needs to respect Hov for doing what they never did back in the days.

  • Hoffa

    Melle Mel is a fucking clown. He supports a white gay rapper over Jay Z. Batty mon. He probably on that bambata shit.

  • Twiz

    This guy smoking work