Meek Mill’s ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ Set To Have Big Opening Week

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  • DaTrooth

    It’s not bad. Nothing special imo– but I’m not an avid meek fan

  • Jde

    Wasn’t a fan of his new album. Too much Minaj. Nothing beats dreamchasers 2, imo…

    • Kingquazy

      I liked 3. But yeah, this not it.

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    It wasn’t a spectacular album but it was better then his 1st if u ask me

    • Prince Guwop

      That’s That’s a lie! He had nothing but flexing music on his recent album. Me personally, don’t like that shit. You can put that shit on a mixture or sum, not on the ALBUM. Album goes down in your history book

      • Somebody that Nobody knows

        That’s where we different cuz on his 1st album I feel like he tried to hard to commercialize his songs with this project I think he stayed in his lane more buts just me

  • Samisback

    that’s a good look for meek..I’m not really a fan of his music but I wanna see him win

  • That guy

    It’s refreshing to see the opposite of a hater exist especially on the Internet. I don’t really like his music either but I feel the same way.

  • Dillz_

    Love this album, but love Dreamchasers 2 + 3