Meek Mill & T.I. Make It Rain Hard In Strip Club [VIDEO]

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  • Rich blackman

    Good to see the old meek back

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    How many people know Meek was signed to Grand Hustle first? Before MMG

    • Da Truth

      I didn’t know that but I thought he had a stint with Wayne first.

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        Yeah, I don’t know why it didn’t work with grand hustle. But TI is the one who first scooped him out of Philly back in the “flamers” days…Clearly there is no bad blood between them

        • DonCDaCapo

          Yea it was jus T.I. Couldn’t put him in the situation he needed to be in at da time cuz of like u said prison stints nd his busy schedule in general so instead of holding his career back they parted ways

        • He heard in my bag on the radio and wanted to sign meek

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        I just looked online. Back when he got signed by TI both of them were in and out of jail, that’s why the Grand Hustle situation didn’t work. TI was in prison, and Meek was in trouble too so he never dropped a grand hustle album. He fits better with MMG IMO anyway…

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      *Raises hand* ✋

    • Yea he made Flanders 2.5 to me philly with grand hustle

    • Je’sus

      Yeah back when he had braids

    • 100squad

      Shit that don’t matter but what do, is T.I. need to be saving some of that for Tiny

  • Astronaut

    Niggas be knocking sttippers but they getting paid tho.

    • I messed wit a stripper she spoiled me but she was yo much of a headache lol

      • Astronaut

        You a trooper for that. They be playing mind games for what ive seen. Bet some magic went down on top of them sheets tho.

        • I was 19 she was 24 I was her fuck toy lol that was all got my feelings crushed

    • therealestbxtchukno…

      “gettin paid “‘

      @Wh@ Costs ??

      • Astronaut

        It varies bra. They bring home cash everyday. The chicks in this post brought home a couple racks in one day. Ik these are upper echelon strippers but still. Gwop

      • Myleage

        dancing half naked and getting $300 a night on a light day…w/no sex. Sounds smart to me

        • therealestbxtchukno…

          U r Not “Smart”
          Keep. Livin…

          Lots of Things
          More. Vaulable
          Than $$$

          • Myleage

            -words from a broke nigga

          • therealestbxtchukno…

            Says ” A. B.r. o.k.e .Nxgga”

          • Myleage

            -words by a fuckboy

          • I dig that but what they saying is it’s good money as a stripper without sex I mean you have to understand that ri

          • therealestbxtchukno…

            “They”– Who ?!

            Its Never
            . “W/o Sex”.

            & Wh@ Is
            “Good ” — About Takin
            Fingers In. Every Orficice ?! Degradin. Urself For Strangers. For $$$

            Would It Be
            “Good ” If
            Yo. Mama
            Was ‘Fairy Taies’

            Or Ur Daughter
            ‘Ko Ko Kane’

            Who Has To
            Get Drunk/ High
            To Perform ?!

            Is It “Good” When Some
            Obsessed . Trick Goes
            To . Far ?!

            All $$$ Aint –“Good”

          • Have you walked in that person shows before then no don’t judge what some must do for money I pray u never hit rock bottom and my mom was a rn before she got sick and my sister drive buses making 27 a hour but that doesn’t make them better than the strippers .i don’t judge her I mean you say all money ain’t good money but nobody 100% does everything morally right I’m pretty sure you do or think un moral things stop being so subjective and trying to be internet conscious please stick to Facebook and instagram

          • therealestbxtchukno…

            U A. Bitter Bxtch Huh ?!

            I sure Have & Lived to
            Tell. It so I can talk .. get on stage in yo gstring for $$$…Take a Fall… Widowed by 23 & Graduated W/ A. Lvn.
            & Run Two Businesses

            Play . Catch Up

            “Now Lets. Go Hxe”-

          • But you have debt hough lol what business do you run and in a male the fact you explain your financial situation online says a lot #bowwowchallenge lol

          • therealestbxtchukno…

            U Do Not Kno
            Wh@ I Got

            But Yet U Speak
            On Strippers
            As If U Ever

            I Aint Said –“Alot”
            U Reached Learn
            The Definitions
            B4 u Deflect..

            Bye Hxe Boy

          • I speak on strippers from dating one and knowing some in the hood who talks about how when it’s slow fast the shot niggas wanna do not every strip club like you see in videos…but if you have money like you say you would know that and would be in a gentlemans club where u can’t wear casual lays or touch the women but they get mad money and I’m reaching but you said you have 2 business and a divorce and went to college so that means your debt sky high but that’s fine to..but to be as educated as you say you Are why type the way you do????

          • therealestbxtchukno…

            Go Argue W/
            Th@ Crazy Hxe
            U. Fxck W/

            Ask Th@ Psycho
            Y She Do Not
            Take Her Meds.

            For The Last
            Time Bye HXE #TalktoBlocked

          • Lol your literacy amazes me for someone with 2 degrees and business I guess trade school considered school now loll your hurt by words in the internet so you block people dam I don’t see how you deal with people who don’t like your businesses you own

          • Astronaut

            Im just now seein bra comments, he was on some other shiit. Typing in haiku form and shiit

          • I don’t get people like that what are you trying to prove I’m like probably hundreds of miles away from him lol

          • kushxchevys

            This guys a fucken idiot dawf hes never fucked with strippers and doesnt know shit about the strip business. Nigga aint shit without his lil online life.

          • That nigga said he had 2 business and two degrees and was a widow but I thought when a guy wife died he was the widower but maybe I’m crazy because I live in a real world

          • kushxchevys

            Lmfao thats his online persona
            Real life hes never been 2 a strip club or ever met a stripper thats y he has zero respect for the hussle. Fake as peeps

          • Gotta love em it’s 2017

          • kushxchevys

            Ima stop u righr rhere boy.

            Therrs plenty of strippers that dnt havr sex and keep it all business. They dance on u let u touch and rub but wont fuck.

            Obviously u never fucked with a stripper or hit strip clubs.

          • kushxchevys

            And regardless of all that. Y u so salty? If u was a real business owner u would love strip clubs. Unless u gay ya i think u gay

        • kushxchevys

          Dawg hes never been to a strip club lol

  • I ain’t a fan of the strip club and making it rain but shy atleast the nig enjoyed his bday

  • Nah but that made me a super creep now I fuck my bitches down lol thanks to her she taught me so much lol