Meek Mill Responds To Airport Fight, His Alleged Victims Speak Out

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  • Kool

    Didn’t this guy just say he swung first now meek crew did and it’s self defense? Lmao idiot I swear and why is he speaking like that on camera, embarrassing asses smh

    • kinglobey

      sounds like it was filmed by a lawyer that cut the video half way and said: y’all gotta sound more like victims… try again and let them know that they swung first, that they fucked you up, and then talk about why you need money (hence why they said they’re out of a job)

      • SlimJuve25

        naw that wasn’t filmed by a lawyer that 1st part wouldn’t be in there, i think it was a interview by tmz an they cut it like that to show how their story changes, they got a few bucks off tmz but thats all they will get

  • KingoftheLand

    I think they are in one of those Mercedes Vans. Planes don’t have seat belts, at least not like that. Lmao

    • SlimJuve25

      your right it’s a van but planes do have seat belts that come around the waist, if i ever get on a plane an it don’t have seat belts i will get off the plane

  • Mike Power

    HE WILD DUMB!! Nigga just admitted that He swung first, then changed it, fat boy go sit down!!

  • Yabiggirl

    Im not understanding why Meek was charged and the friend was the one who hit bul. This is clearly about a check. And if what the “victim” is saying is true as far as the words exchanged, then the friend was right in calling him a “bitch”. Its ok to be a fan, but dont no man want male groupies hanging all over them, fukk that fan talk, these employees was gay as fukk!!

  • Matt Leon

    These dudes obviously was just looking for attention and money. They totally admitted that they swung first. Also even if their story was legit, I can’t blame Meek for saying no. Life of a celebrity isn’t an easy one. They’re always busy and always on the move. Meek probably didn’t take no picture with him cause if he had, there would have been other fans that would have wanted a pic too and Meek probably ain’t had no time. We are fans, true, but it don’t mean that we are entitled to getting what we want from celebrities though. That’s my two cents.