Meek Mill Previews A Bunch Of New Music

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  • Johnny Doe


  • bawse

    “Got your bitch on the way now”. The irony is Drake’s been having his bitch on the way now the last couple months… weird.

    • Bill Jansen

      Whose his bitch ??? I thought he was single ? Oh u mean his ex whose drakes label mate?? Lol fuk u meek an drake …l.o.x dave east fab …fuck the rest

  • goldentiger3

    Can’t lie and say first song wasn’t lit tho.

  • money


  • Daniel Martins

    Meek supa fan here bro but let’s be honest he won’t drop DC4.5 before summer.

    • Chicagoan

      Supa fan?? How u feel when ya hero cried in court to get out of a few months in jail!!?? Thats why these lil niggas hoes now, lookin up to bitch niggas.

      • Zero


      • Daniel Martins

        I bet u are a grown a$$ n1gg4, so don’t come here just to hate, that’s some fucked up sh!t. Child mentality. How can You prove he cried? Cuz u saw on the internet? Whatever he did or whatever u say won’t change my mind u sucka

  • Bill Jansen

    Last year he said he wasnt rapping about violence or crime cuz of all the killings an cops. …meanwhile lol this nigga just says anything on tv ….hope its dope an no rollie or nikki talk or drake losses hshahaah

  • Whill

    No, I’m not hype even in the slightest. Just waiting on the 7th of April. Hopefully Cole cooking some shit up for real.

  • Spookeysmoker

    He gone drop in June