Meek Mill Crushes Drake In The Airball Department [VIDEO]

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  • smith jones

    Everyone has airballed.. ive seen Ray Allen air ball..

    • Bill Jansen

      When he tried 3 times in a row ? An has taken like 15 ls that year?? I doubt that got less money for his contract like meek who went from 250 to 80k after huge l? Nahh i doubt that ..its more then an airball with this mlkjr lookin corn

      • ChiTownT

        Damn what Meek do fuk your bitch?

        • Ye’

          I mean I don’t even know wtf he said

          • Craig

            Clearly he said…. an has taken like 15 is that year. mlkjr corn nigga. How do you not get that. Lol

        • Bill Jansen

          Nah he just being himself its easy to shit on him … An at least he might of fucked my bitch instead of him fucking ur mouth ! What he do to you ? Leave his d in yo mouth i mean sheesh hahahah

          • ChiTownT

            Ohh so your faggot ass got a crush on the nigga. My bad

      • Throw dem Paws den

        -Ovo radio subscriber

        • Bill Jansen

          Negative try n think a lil lame

        • Bill Jansen

          Lost and u cant understand simple comments hahah wise up simp mind

  • Lamar XnoXes

    niggas who feet pigeon-toed like that suspect as fuuuh

    • Ben Blazon


    • Thee_One1

      dude has been goofy AF since kevin hart roasted him and his boys backstage

  • Cee Note

    has nothing to do with drake. smdh.

    • Bill Jansen

      But everything to do with losses an shame yet agian

    • TwoToolyWoop

      It was a video where drake was at a college and shot a airball shit was funny

  • Woahnow

    Lmfao 51 nigga can’t even get no leg room

  • T guest

    1 it was warm ups 2 drake not even there.. I bet if this nigga took a shit HHE would find a way to compare it to drake… let this mf be

    • Bill Jansen

      But besides the drake comment ..meek still outchea losses tho so

      • T guest

        He’s still making good money, n Yeah he fell hard back then but he’s still not stopping. That’s far from losing

        • Mike

          If what he make off what he doing is called taking losses DEN IM FUCKED UP!!!!!! Im doing worse then taking losses I think before we stop and judge a person at what they’re doing in life we should consider what we’re doing any better I’m pretty sure we’re all doing worse than taking losses if we had the media report every single thing we did in our life.

          • T guest

            If the media report our life they’ll be mad cause all they really gonna see is us doing a 9-5.. shit I’ll wear those high waters that meek had on as long as I can go to Dubai too. He winning in my book. Everybody hate him but he still in the world’s view and travelling country to country.

        • Bill Jansen

          It is if he acts like he aint loosin an loosin 150k in sale after a drake situation sounds like a big loss to me ..but u go ahead an listen to rollies contradicting bars

          • T guest

            Actually he haven’t been talking bout “rollies” sense the latest 5 mixtape + 2 albums. That’s how I know u rather just ride the dick suckin wagon. Even losing 150k he’s still making more money then you so yeah he’s winnin

          • Bill Jansen

            Stop it ….sheesh we not doing this nigga wake tf up

          • T guest

            Get the hate out your system…sheesh

  • Makaveli6710

    Meek keep taking Lssssss

    • T guest

      If you still considered him taking Lssssss then you compared to him you must be taking Zssssss…. I’ll take some these L’s that yall say he’s taking. The nigga eatin better then you so that’s far from a L

  • Zeek Lowe

    All 3 still way closer than that shot of Drake’s

    • Adam

      lol he took one shot? have you seen him actually play?

  • Issa lie

    Some sad shit. He shit the same way 3 times. Nigga jump tf

  • vapaperboi .

    take the rolly off

  • Thee_One1

    I’m starting to feel for Meek. Been taking some Ls this year myself….might just start listening to his music with some of you losers….

  • Carlos Galpert

    I tell you this meek is winning right now the nigga album been in the top 10 charts since it dropped and he def. not worried about them fuckin airballs or yall lame ass niggas in these comments still ridin aubreys dick lmao

  • Bill Jansen

    Exactly huh lolol smh go that away