Meek Mill May Or May Not Be Coming For ‘Crackhead’ Joe Budden

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  • frankwhitedc

    First haha

    • Real Talk

      Get a job please

      • frankwhitedc

        Get a avi

        • drupp1

          yall both some lames

          • frankwhitedc

            Your names drupp that says it all . Gtfo troll

      • frankwhitedc

        You mad cause the log in password they gave you for the wifi at the library was incorrect lls. You had 2 go back up 2 the desk lls. I’m that split second I grabbed 1st fag

    • SkidRow

      Nigga you prolly one of those fools on instagram always begging for a ho to shout you out or something. First lol you lame nigga

  • frankwhitedc

    Both these niggas some shit

  • E.S.S

    this article lame as fuck.. budden not thirsty for no beef.. but will body whoever if it comes down too it..

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga

      are you sure he’s not thirsty for a beef?


    Pistol whip a nigga when he ride it
    -hotline queef

    • Johnathan Dough


      • CLOVER•


    • ilikemusic.


      • CLOVER•

        Gotta fuck with queef
        Gotta see wheres his sense of humor

        • ilikemusic.

          he’s actually got a good sense of humor and is chill but he’s just a master troll to the ones who don’t get it

  • The Incredible

    “Petty niggas wanna mention my name to get acknowledged …. Hoping I react like a fool and give em violence…. I rather kill em wit success and give em knowledge…. Before I throw it all away for a sucka cuz we the hottest”

    This niggas thought process though man…….Meek just lost.

    • ilikemusic.

      lmaooooo…Philly educated

    • Anthony Mitchell

      Isnt this the same petty nigga that told on drake using reference
      tracks? and said again after months of the beef being “over” brings up
      how he took the weekends songs for his album? but wants to call budden petty? 0_o

      • The Incredible

        That’s what I’m sayin!

      • TheWiserMan

        No drake spit a verse on Meeks album he didn’t write, and credited himself for. Meek found out, Drake got upset. That’s phony shit, and Meek would have been phony to go along with it and not expose the fake. What am I missing?

      • Steve WILKINS

        Nigga Thats Not Petty ….The Game Is Fucked Up Because Of Niggas Like Drake….He Got Mainly Every Rapper Singing Now Its Nomore Bars Involved Its Just Melodies & Meek Just Want To Be The Best Because He Write His Own Shit Or At Least Credit A Real Rapper That Write Their Own Raps

    • John

      nah Budden’s a crackhead

      • The Incredible

        That’s a well-thought out argument. I stand corrected somehow.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    “Will somebody just beef with budden?” Whoever wrote that is acting like budden is a clown, he’s one of the most authentic in the biz. I swear I hate this whack ass site and its no talent ass bloggers…No more clicks from me on here. Done

    • Anthony Mitchell

      apparently alot of people havent heard of slaughterhouse

      • C.Savage

        Or listened to that escape route album. Straight fire.

      • burk

        You keep mentioning slaughter house , those fellas a making records and counting , money nobody got time for Joe’s petty squabbles

      • E-go-tis-ti-cal

        That’s just too damn bad

    • the straight up truth

      They’re not insulting his ability to rap. This man is desperately looking for a beef no doubt about it.(and with someone of higher notoriety) Neither Meek nor Drake care, but he’s essentially baiting them into responding. If that’s not a search for beef I don’t know what it is. Side not I truly do enjoy this site as you can get real conversation brewing here not just trolling and internet gangstas (looking at u HNHH)

  • Disqus user

    This “beef” is like a boxing match between two people with no arms…or a deaf nigga showing up to court for a hearing(k dot) lol its no point…just my opinion

    • drupp1

      is any rap beef these days worth it? not really

  • T guest

    The web blogs and Joe reachin with a Meek n Drake

  • C.Savage

    Budden is a animal. I’m ready to hear him eat meek alive. Don’t sleep on joey…

  • col892

    Budden just tryna pick an easy fight…he knows meek isn’t a “lyrical” type rapper he’s a club-banger artist…just like when he was coming at him in the podcasts…beating on a dead horse

    • Astronaut

      “Meek isn’t lyrically.” You didn’t listen to any Dreamchasers or something. Nig has bars. beef or no beef.

  • Kyle Gabriel Harry

    Please give slaughterhouse food, i dear you.

  • black_mamba_fam

    U in that MOOD yet?????

  • Twiz

    The thirst to be relevant is real

  • drupp1

    that’s the thing people don’t wanna beef with mouse because they know on wax they will get demolished. Joe budden has never been the radio jam type of rapper he’s 2 deep for that his music is one of the few that has substance to it.

  • bushay914nyc

    so meek raps about corny niggas an rappers snitching when he does all that he snitched on drake got bodied an acts like he didnt…then budden calls him out an trying to act like hes drake cuz he noes joey would murder him …hes def a clown…meek u aint selling ahut u aint relavent an u probly beneath joe budden at this piont ….joe would murda meek an meek just trys to play dumb bro this is in the area where you and Cassidy beef it’s way after that you’re washed up your boss is done and you’re definitely not selling anything over 50,000 so you better battle joke and get killed and make your exit

    • AC

      You got the game all fucked up dont you lmao

      • bushay914nyc

        U do its supposed to be about talent bars metaphors storeis…not this dumb mumbleing souther hype beat with a garbage rapper on it ..smh u the reason hiphop dying…my nigga future migos yohng thug wull all be gone an jada nas joeybudden logic fab will still be here

      • bushay914nyc

        Yall do not me i like music were the artist tries hard an doesnt just say anything

  • Devin

    somebody said Meeks Battle rap card has been revoked

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  • Astronaut

    Nigs aint like Meek has no bars. Guarantee most of you was banging those Dreamchaser mixtapes. Meek has bars when he not talking bout a Rollie on his wrist.

  • jan troll

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