Meek Mill Is Still Fighting With ‘Fake’ Timberland Wearing IG Model

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  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Chill, you’re only making her famous.


    When you can’t beef with men so you beef with females

    • Ghostface-


    • t-stupid

      Tha funny thing this nigga dnt want beef with Game haha just his x nikki & this fine piece off azz that nigga cray cray

      • Kool

        Cause he knows just like everyone else game just want attention. His problem with meek is fake on his behalf lol meek doesn’t care obviously. We saw the proof nothing said meek snitched to Sean Kingston but game wanted to continue lol thirst bucket. And meek ended drake with war pain , beefed with Cassidy and put him back under a rock lmao. He hasn’t said anything to nicki but yall keep putting his name next to hers , yall want him to beef with her so bad lol

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga

      are niggas really considering this a beef? i must be a old head now this is a IG joke that she fake took offense too and he just keeps joking how is this beef and “HHE editors” really reached with this one by using the word fighting smh

      • faded2easily

        My nigga, finally someone who get this shit. Calling this beef makes beef seem like something ive never even heard of.

      • Supreme Trunks

        Bruh the word beef so watered down, if you make a comment on social media ppl don’t like it’s considered beef! SMH

        “Beef’s when I see you guaranteed to be in ICU”

  • kinglobey

    i thought this shit was dumb until i heard what’re thoseeeeee and started dying hahaha

    • 100squad

      yea he started something with that

    • kushxchevys

      Im actually busting rewatching the vid lol

  • youknow


  • Allen Smith

    She reposting all this shit, lol she’ll take the exposure no matter how she gets it

  • kushxchevys

    Lmaooo tbh tho

  • Samisback

    that video was funny as hell..and he wasn’t “fighting” with her, all he was doing was cracking jokes about her timberlands..he even said in her comments he was joking, let the nigga have some fun.

  • Supreme Trunks

    I honestly never seen buttahs look like that. If they are real she played herself by not getting the originals. That’s like a nigga come in flexin with Jordan flights on or Polo assn.

  • Craig

    This ain’t beef it’s more like ground turkey

  • Whill

    Bruh look I’m dead; the video is funny to me.