Meek Mill Fights With Comedian Jess Hilarious Who Relentlessly Clowns His Outfit

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    Damn I thought he deleted his social media after he got obliterated last time.. Some niggas just dont learn

  • Don

    “Pull ya shoes up” Lmao damn meek how you get killed by someone who doesnt rap at all now?

  • Da Truth

    Who we talking about Meek or twitter fingers? Twitter fingers……..yep another L

  • Mike Power

    got damn, she fuckin assassinated meeky mouse mill.. omg!!

  • Peter Kushing

    The L train returns…

  • the professor

    tbh it wasn’t really that funny except for the pull ya shoes up part and where she said he looks like a thot his homeboys fucked

  • RaDizzle

    He bout rip da runway he standin like my aunties do

  • Rich blackman

    Meek is a punching bag. He was so much cooler before he got with Nikki.

    • duh

      Both they careers been shot once they got together

  • Rich blackman

    I’m glad they didn’t have social media in the 80s and 90s

  • Thee_One1

    I can’t believe half this site vouches for this clown. Dude is the biggest joke ive seen in a minute

  • Timothy KingCraze Richardson J

    Yo Meek, I can’t swim…

    • 100squad

      Dam ,

  • kushxchevys

    Lmaooo pull yo shoes up

  • smith jones

    Damnnn.. I fucks with meek.. but she said DRAKE CHILL.. THAT’S A FEMALE… omggg

  • You mad huh?

    not arguing with any chick that wear a chef boyardee hat outside the house. i bet she wear pajamas outside too. trashy females lol

  • Zeek Lowe

    ‘DRAKE CHILLLL’ bruhhhhh

  • fonzo517

    meek should have learned to just ignore shit like this. dude is too sensitive and acts like anyone saying anything negative about him is a shot to his character. i think dude might just be insecure and thus has to keep trying to big up his own ego.

  • duh

    She should find another pic and lite his ass up some more

  • Giovanni Kensmil

    She gonna get jumped

  • d1gord

    He’s the L king, BUT he was baking her. She a so called comedian so she always got more fire for a nigga. Not giving meek a L for this one

  • Matt Leon

    Dammit Meek. You was finally making a comeback from your many L’s. Now you got a new one. She had me dying over here. “OMG Girlz reject”. Meek, you better make sure this upcoming album is dope as fuck and I legit mean you better make sure you got some Jay-Z worthy bars on that thing.

  • perfect

    Drake Chill hahahaha pull up yah shoes!!

  • Rich blackman

    This is what happens when you rich and don’t know how to dress. You pay a faggot stylist to dress you and embarrass you. This is something a girl with no body would wear. Great job Meeka. You make Philly look good

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    Lmao but hhe didn’t show all he did was laugh at one of her videos and she got defensive as hell