Meek Mill, Eminem, Vince Staples & Wiz Khalifa In The Oscar Race

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  • HotlineQueef

    the oscars will present meek with the “Ultimate L” award

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      you probably would of had a chance of being funny if this was a article for the Grammys n u would’ve said L of the year award but that’s just me, I’ll still give u a E for effort

      • HotlineQueef

        you over analysis pisses me off with extreme fucking rage

        • Somebody that Nobody knows

          lmfao I’m high as fuck

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I hope Meek Mills win, just so Drake can look stupid. Then Meek Mill should give this speech, “You won the battle, but not the War”. Then walk of stage to Drakes song, Sucessful.

    • deethedon

      Yea but to bad that wiz track was number one for like 11 weeks

      • Derrell J Battle

        That’s true

      • ryan

        that track fucking sucked

      • YoungBasegod14

        its going to win for sure just off of milestone and the impact it had on others. The video was the first rap song to hit a billion views on YouTube.

    • Spider-man

      You can’t be serious. (If)Meek wins an oscar that still doesn’t give him a win over Drake.

    • Jade Powell

      ……the fuck are you talking about?

    • Itzmytime

      Im pretty sure Nicki had her hand in Meek getting nominated but its unfortunate Meek lost the battle AND undoubtedly lost the war. And he will FOREVER take a L from Drake. Get over it. Lest not we forget Meek initiated the beef with Drake. Its funny how the few clowns that do side with Meek want him to come out as a winner. Meeks not built like that,period.

    • Alex Lowery

      that was trey songz’s song actually

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        It’s actually Drake’s song, Trey “features” on the track.

        • Alex Lowery

          You got that backwards

          • Vuitton, The Ruler

            Look up the song, I thought it was too. It’s Drake song, Trey did put it on one of his albums, but not after adding a extra verse. A lot of artist share a song on each one of their mixtape if albums.

          • Alex Lowery

            I did look up the song hell i follow trey songz so im not gonna argue with you when i already know whats right goodnight

  • Star_God

    Just being nominated is a bright spot for meek…….boy been taking a lot of L’s lately!

  • A Jay

    What if Meek wins damn then DC4 good, niggas will think anything he says on there directed to Drake.

  • John Best

    Wiz will take that one. Ugh. Dude’s a goddamn superstar though, so it makes sense.