Meek Mill Drops Freestyle On DJ Clue’s Show

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  • Lil freshy

    he already spits the first part of his first verse b4, but the rest was straight heat……. i fucks wit meek heavy

  • Mec-One

    Stay working on your craft Meek. Stop worrying about what these other cats are doing if it doesn’t affect you

  • Bustadimes

    Freestyle? Please, prestyle is more like it.
    Props for having your shit together before going on the air though.

  • Dillz

    So any lyric related to him writing rhymes is a shot at Drake? Ffs how long is this gona last?

  • Adlaker12

    DC4 CB4 there is no difference Meek L’s

    • Rome

      Drake fan?

      • Adlaker12

        Dam if you dont like Meek Mill you have to be a drake fan? This aint Drake vs Mills to me his ish is weak. Aint got nothing to do with Drake

        • n0kturnal

          Youre fucking weak. Meek one of the last real ones. All the rest are some other people written pop stars.

          • Adlaker12

            STFU your weak. Just because someone doesn’t like who you like. You punk ass sheep. Get of my line and meeks dick ho.

  • Shay P.

    Mickey Mouse: Doctor my knee is hurting

    Doctor: Which Knee?

    Mickey Mouse: Disney

    Give me L’s

    • Rome

      I don’t get it.

      • Konfuzed

        This knee** smh

    • AC

      Wow U tried?

    • LatarionMilton

      Gone head and log off for the rest of the week.

  • weeday420

    wasn’t a freestyle you can see dude on the side sayin his lyrics.

    but i respect him because no other big rappers go on radios stations an do this !

  • OnTop412

    this is real ni**a sh*t only we understand

  • WEEDMAN420

    it ain’t a freestyle if your boys tryna hype it up and spit bars with you

  • WEEDMAN420

    It was pretty good tho for real

  • Chicagoan

    All you lil lame ass fuckin pussies cosignin this fuckin lame ass crybaby ass faggot! Cryin ass lil bitch in court yet act like we all forgot!! Dickchasin fuckin homos and they fans smh, if u bump and ride with this faggot, says whole lot about you! Soft as the cream cheese his city famous for! Hahahaha