Meek Mill Drops Cover Art And Date For ‘Wins & Losses’

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  • Da Truth

    This will probably upset people but I think this will be the album that determines Meeks future in the game. Although I think he’s put out a lot of quality work and has lots of wins, the public tends to weigh his losses heavier. For some reason his buzz never stays unless it’s negativity surrounding it therefore he’s continuously forced to go at or address some nikki or drake bs and it’s sorta hindering him developing into the dreams and nightmares artist everyone thought he d become

  • Rich blackman

    Rip meek mill. He caused this all on himself. If he would have stayed off his emotional ig post and just stayed in his lane. Nigga could be up there with drake and future. But on ig these rappers expose themselves and how weak they are for the people on social media they don’t even know. Smh

  • ChiCity300

    r.i.p. mmg meek should have left when u had the chance.

  • Jay $tack$

    he’s missing something on the cover win pic -Nicki loss pic – Drake

  • Cuban Pete

    Wins 0 – Losses TBD (depending when it drops)

  • Manny Bravo

    I can think of a few more losses that should’ve been on this cover.

  • AC

    Lol hatin ass hoes commenting before anbody else smh

  • If niggas only understood the difference between wins and losses but I’m asking internet dwellers who live with they mom to understand what a loss is lol

  • Umpressive Files

    I agree with Da Truth. HINDERING. Events happen in our life that throw us off coarse. Meek is a leader, so his mishaps are catastrophic. However, I’m not here to condemn his progress. He defiantly should not be mentioned in conversation amongst the ones he is!