Meek Mill Doesn’t Show Up On Funkmaster Flex To Address Drake

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  • Samisback

    what did I say? flex does nothing but blow smoke..I knew he didn’t have anything, this beef is dead to me..meek isn’t going to respond, drake wins by default.

  • Ronnie Love

    Birds of a cornball Flock together smh Front Master Flex and Weak Mills both Chatty Pattys

    • Dirty SkillZ

      Chatty patty’s indeed.

  • ImmoveableForce

    I smell pussy

  • Rhe

    Karaoke Drake.. Grassy Grassy Grasssss.. Go listen to Drakes voice.. hahahahaha u are all in Denial!

  • $eany B

    Meek that’s another L.

  • Tuckgod

    To be really real tho meek didn’t even “say” he was going to the show or drop a diss track. He didnt even RT funk flex lol so tha don’t count.

    • Chrollo

      You defending this nigga so you can share his L with him.

      • Keon05

        But it’s the truth. The only niggas taking Ls are the losers that cling to FMF promise

  • Chrollo

    “I don’t trick my fans”

    – MEEK last week

    • Bob

      meek the biggest clown in the game

    • Lmao

  • Kyle C Walker

    drake rocked “charged up” in less then 24 hours ! now how he did it should be up to speculation! some say it was already pre recorded and ready to drop anyway! but meek doesn’t know this fact or does he? but for meek to not show up and address his call out? you can write rhymes latter after you address this beef you been going on about ghostwriting. you just made a mistake for your entire career and instead of being respected you in the game for being real with it ? this isn’t a game ! hip-hop is not to be fucked with. music in general is not to be fucked with.

    • Max

      u aint make no sense ^^^

      • Leekluv216


      • Kyle C Walker

        Aint is not a word ! I can to it does dont make sense to an un educated person who says aint ! Learn english and then come talk to me about sense!

        • The Fuj


          • Imventing

            don’t even acknowledge it bro lmfaooo. he got me fucked up.

          • Ryan Barnes

            LMFAO… Pootie Tang is getting too deep for us.

      • Samisback

        lol he made a little sense, he lost me at “you just made a mistake for your entire career” from that sentence down is where I get confused.

  • Imventing

    lmfaooo people on the internet kill me with that “L” shit.

    • tre dolla

      Nigga shuddup and take this L

      • Imventing

        lmfaoo okay. you started my day with a good laugh. i appreciate it

  • Smokinacres

    Damn, what if flex gets fired? The world will be a better place.

    • Samisback

      the hip hop world anyway, he brings nothing to it..we can do without all his nonsense..all he does is gossip and stick his nose where it doesn’t belong.

      • Mike Donovan

        nigga please. He at least brings personality to the station even if he is a bitch ass nigga

        • Samisback

          so you wanna keep him around for his personality? I’ll pass on that one..he isn’t the only energetic DJ around, we can do without him.

          • Mike Donovan

            naw he should stay. we need to balance the new ho niggas out.No Dj on black NY radio is fucking this nigga in skills selection NOTHIN…old to now. Nobody. A dick he may be but you are frontin. Envy is a pussy.. Angie is a voice. Self is cool but he is not fucking with flex. i live in Ny now and i notice something about this city. Yall are some dickridin ass niggas. You like the booty but when shit gets on the tip you hop right off and when it clened off you hop right back on but somehow you never figure out that its your ass thats dirty. You fuck niggas have no loyalty

          • Samisback

            yall? lol first off I’m from Detroit..and 2nd sorry bruh flex isn’t needed in the hip hop world, no matter how much you think he is…flex could get fired tomorrow and you’ll be the only nigga that would miss him.

          • Mike Donovan

            world moves on but he should stay. NY radio would just go all the way lame. If he had freedom to play what he wanted you know it would be different story

          • Samisback

            hm nah..his cons definitely outweigh his pro’s

  • LOL

  • Daniel

    Lol this don’t look good for flex 1st man runs his mouth about jigga stealing his idea now he going off on drake if flex gets fired from hot 97 I really don’t think he will be missed jay z should of dissed his ass

  • BiteTest

    Meek mill is doing the exact same shit Gilly the kiddo did. Wait one fucking minute aren’t they both from philly? What a fucking coincidence. They finna be sitting like them two dudes from Hancock in jail

  • tre dolla

    FMF the greatest dj of all time

  • Dope Boy

    if meek don’t drop a diss record tomorrow then drake ahead of the beef cause I ws looking forward to a interview

  • keithsweat

    What’s that in the air I smell?

  • Anthony Pearson

    I Was waiting at 7, Flex Played some music, Then Flex Was Talking Then by 7:50 I Turned It Off Hoping To See What Was Good Today & Meek Didn’t Show.

  • Adam Carolla
  • TheSilentObserver

    You don’t start a beef you can’t finish. Period. Meek mills is looking dumb as hell right now, he’s embarrassing himself. Only dudes still supporting meek are dumb street niggas with nothing else going for them in life

  • Fuck master flex, hold this L for the rest of your life you niggah.

  • yayayayyaya

    This dude whole life a dream he about to wake up from