Meek Mill Has Deleted His Account

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  • “When u out there gettin this money and you don’t need no man in your life!” ass expression LMAO

  • Blur

    deleting accounts is so weak

    • Astronaut

      Not really bra. Having a social media account is choosing to associate with niggas you dont really fuck with. Thus my disqus account is pure entertainment and unnecessary savagery.

  • ITS ME

    this man treating DC4 like its an album. just drop the shit so we can listen to it, move on, and forget about it

    • Daniel Martins

      Bro, Dreamchasers mixtapes are the same way Tha Carter Series are for Lil Wayne and Blueprint Series are for Jay-Z. It’s a tape that defines him as a rapper. He’s gotta leave everything he can on this mixtape. He was hurry to release DC3 back in 2013 and that tape was meh. He can’t make the same mistake again with DC4. I’m hype for it too lol peace

      • JThomp187

        we can tell you’re too hype, you’re bouncin on that man dick something fierce. carter/blueprint series lmao. nobody’s checking for a meek series like that. stop.

        • Daniel Martins

          Dreamchasers 2: The most downloaded mixtape in history. However It’s just a comparison I made up there. Why not compare? It’s like if you say something on social media/internet somebody outta control always come at you to talk shit. You are the proof the internet is full of annoying people. I’m out.

          • JThomp187

            first of all, who said DC2 is the most downloaded mixtape in the history of digital mixtapes? somebody lied to you, jack. and who gives a fuck how many times it was downloaded. vanilla ice’s first album went diamond, does that mean it’s dope because people copped it? yeah, they downloaded it, but it doesn’t mean it was on that level. meek is so average it isn’t even funny. let me know when he puts something out on the level of 1 of the blueprint albums or 1 of the carter albums. meek is not on that level as a lyricist, that’s why it’s dumb to compare.

          • Daniel Martins

            You didn’t understand the comparison I made. I said DC means to meek the same way Blueprint means to Jay-Z. Of course that Jay-Z in on another level, higher than Meek, but Meek is a good rapper. tbh I respect Jay-Z for all the things he did but I don’t fuck wit his music as much as I fuck with meek’s. Have a blessed day bro.

          • Ye’

            That’s on one site

  • ChiTownT

    Some shit he should’ve done many moons ago. Anywho back to some shit we really give a fuck about

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      HHE be like: This just in, Drake is a human being and one day he will die

      • ChiTownT

        Lol! RS bruh

  • Astronaut

    Just dont go Kid Cudi on me Meek.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      “Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby”

      • Astronaut

        “Cant call the cops cause the cops are the murderers”

  • Golgo 13

    he will b back

  • NYCityKid

    Akademiks is a fool

  • Caleb

    at last

  • KnowNothinBoutNothin

    Drake dickrider detected

  • Adlaker12

    Another L for Meeks MILLLS

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Akademiks a corn ball.

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    yall didnt see the naked nicki post he posted?