Meek Mill Blasts Trick Daddy & DJ Akademiks In New Interview

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  • Matty March.

    Didn’t Meek get mad at Drake for not posting his album and then he himself hop on Twitter and get mad? Sounds like he just made himself look ignorant saying OGs say it to a person, not social media… “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers”.

    • DEZn00ts_1

      There was way more to that situation then you think and the SHOUT OUT Meek was talking about would have been on SOCIAL MEDIA!

    • sosarozay300

      meek miLL is dumb and hypocritical af

  • Blac

    Meek the most mature immature dude out right now.

    • Lol shoe

      Tyga should learn.

  • BiggMike

    This dude always bitching about something Smh

  • Pj Martinez Diaz

    they dont want u to win… that’s motivation to keep grindin n grindin

  • Da Truth

    If Meek want the respect that he thinks he deserves then he gotta stay outta these lil whiny spats with people over nothing keep his head down and go ahead and take his spot as the hottest nig on MMG right now….we just need a little consistently now music wise, …..and in my opinion trick and dem had and legitimate beef

  • Leekluv216

    These rich rapping and singing niccas need jobs! They got way too much time on their hands and that leads to social media which in turn leads to being emotional.

  • MacDre

    Nigga crying because a nigga he checked in a dm didnt post his album. Maybe that LAME ass nigga Akademiks dont like yo LAME ass lol

    This nigga beef with at least 10 rappers and all 10 of em had social media posts.Its okay to have twitter fingers but not talk shit on instagram video lmao same damn thing. Nigga cassidy really said you got Lil Snupe killed. This nigga said its okay as long as he dont say it in person. What kind of fuckery is that.