MC Shan Blasts JAY-Z’s ‘Story Of OJ’ Advice; Says Hov Bit His Flow

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  • Trip6

    Hip Hop has come to new frontiers of senstivity if Jay can’t do what he’s been doing for years and talk down to baby rappers and their baby advance grips.

  • BiggMike

    Who is this dude again?… Wait that’s right, no one cares.

  • We all know jay style jacks he aint been original since he was iceberg slim and also this album reminds me a lot of Nas hip hop is dead but cArry on in

  • Frank White

    all dude saying is people with real wealth don’t flaunt it like that. That’s baboonery. “niggas is dumb yo”

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Man I wish I could rap, I would call out muthafuckas from left to right. This is why I respect Hopsin, he says rappers names and don’t give a fuck. To this day, none of the rappers he called out made a diss track or said shit about Hopsin.

    • Mike A Jefferstone

      tyler dissed him, joker, dissed him many times

      • frankwhitedc

        Thank you bruh . Before i got a chance to let him know . Wang

      • frankwhitedc

        U must be smoking crack with boosie. Tek finished him . Tyler shot back and he don’t want it with either one of them. Especially tek

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        I’ll have to look up the Tyler diss track, I don’t even know who Joker is my nigga.

      • Matt Leon

        Joker is aight. He had beef with Hopsin and Tech for a good while and dissed the fuck out of both of them but he since made an apology song for the shit. He ain’t too well known though.

  • Code Name Blonde

    as much as i like Jay’s music, i’m not gonna be one of these ppl carrying the guy’s nuts. Shan was on point about everything. Expecting Jay to stop being shady at this point in his career is like asking Birdman to stop ripping ppl off though. That shit is as natural as breathing to him.

  • The Get Money guy

    MC Shan needs to STFU no one took your weak ass broke boy flow. You talking about how people don’t have malibu money but bro if you was getting like you was supposed to and not getting yanked by the industry then you wouldn’t say half of the insults you were saying. Yes, you are a Hater (Anyone that has to clarify more than once that “I’m not a hater” is in fact hating broke boy. You make no sense in what you are saying and your point is invalid. You smooth made those comments for atttention. You talk about rappers should be telling youngters to pick up they pants but you encourage these fools to put money to they ear? Boy you stupid, you make no sense with the niggarish comments you are making. Before you pull up and talk shit in an interview talking about anyones flow and critisize the message of positivity he’s preaching you need to take a step back and realize the coonery your preaching. You more worried about who he’s dissing instead of hearing the overall message which goes far beyond telling someone to pull up they’re fucking pants. FYI that’s some shit your grandparents use to say from way back when so again you have no point in what you are saying. I have yet to hear any rapper (besides Nas) talk about credit or how to fix the poverty our people are often times forced to live in. Let take a deeper look shall we MC Shan you well over 50 still rocking gold teeth??? Kool G rap needs to pop you in your old ass mouth for being the crab in the barrel pulling positivity down to perpetuate the cycle we continue to live in bc everyone thinks its cool to remain in the same lane instead of be different and change our world for us. MC Shan take the golds out your mouth and be the grown man you brow beating the malibu money nigga that trying to really school young niggas between being “rich” and “wealthy” not glorify dirty money being saved for a lawyer bc dumb niggas don’t know when to pull out the game “because this is all they know”

    • Mike Donovan

      This is a lot of nothing. Jayz is a crab ass nigga too. Ask the niggas he came up wit in Marcy. Man you type a lot and said nothing. lot of cooning in that response and lots of spit used

      • The Get Money guy

        First off I know niggas that really know him from Marcy and I still live in Stuy now boy shut your ass up. Talking about someone cooning and you dont even know what cooning means with uneducated dumb ass. Secondly this is typing so theres no spit was used dumbass. You speaking with no knowledge or facts and you prolly never even seen Marcy to even ask someone about Jay boy shut yo ass up. Stop believing these real crab ass niggas like MC Shan which was my point I made before bc thats exactly what you are for agreeing with a over 50 year old nigga that still rocks golds in his mouth with no bread in his pocket. Niggas always want to spit all these insults with no substance behind it. The only Crab/duck ass niggas is your dumb ass. Because instead of appreciate real art you decide to be the crab to bring down shit you dont get broke boy. And I can tell you broke boy so you miss me with the insults and come up with some facts before you decide to approach the don bc nigga you stupid have several seats trolling in comments. I know this may take a minute for your slow ass to read but I already know your response is going to be a short few phrases with a bunch of nothingness between it. Boy you dumb smh lol silly nigga

        • Mike Donovan

          i know a lot of them too and thats why i think you are lying. fuck all your academic put downs and high brow coonery. i stand by my words. Paragraphs and not saying shit

          • The Get Money guy

            “Coonery” is a euphemism used by white racists for anything to do with black people that is seen as funny or entertaining. Im black you dumb motherfucker. Boy you are so dub know the defintion of a word before you use it boy. I have no reason to lie and nothing to prove to you broke boy lol. You know no one from Marcy so you can stop that shit now and I know you not from the Stuy typing the way you type. You just a clown ass internet nigga with bearly an education and prolly dont even know where flushing, marcy, or norstrand ave or where the G stop is boy dont play with me. Stand behind deez nuts. Im so not sorry that Im academic /street educated and able to word play your dumb broke boy ass. These paragraphs show that you know nothing and you are nothing but a false claiming ass nigga on the internet trying to get cool points by broke imaginary OGs that don’t even know you lol. Boy you a serious clown that cant even type more than two sentences and using words that you dont even know the meaning of lmfao Boy you dumb and a CLOWN hahaha Go read a book dummy lmfao

          • Mike Donovan

            coonery can be used by blacks to. used dumb and clown but still hasnt said shit

  • YoungPrime

    KRS1 killed this guys career with “Bridge is over”. Is antagonizing Jay going to help it?

    It seems like only the lamest most irrelevant, washed up rappers are the ones whining about Hov’s ablum

  • Triple O

    Was the “mad rapper” based off MC Shan? He hasn’t been relevant in the game since BDP ended his career, but he still finds a way to diss a new MC every year over some random bullshit.

  • Lil freshy

    I don’t see how people are getting mad at jay z for this album …. he is literally trying to to show y’all dumb ass niggas how to become a billionaire, I don’t know one billionaire who holds money to the ear on ig

    • Mike Donovan

      YOU SPEAK LIKE A DUCK ASS NIGGA. He is sayin NOTHING new,,, Story of OJ is garbage. iamgery and ALL. Its garbage. “hes trying to show you how to become a millionaire” dumbest shit ever typed

    • Erick L. Jackson

      Nigga, brah.

  • thatsjas2 .

    mc shan is always bitter in every interview he ever does: being the original rapper to get ja ruled & crack fucked his whole career up…he just a bitter old man…he talks like he’s the lavar ball of hip hop!

    • Don’t talk Shit about Lavar He’s a Black Father just because you don’t know yours dont get mad at one who loves his sons

      • thatsjas2 .

        Has nothing to do with what i said you dumbass….lavar is an older guy talking crazy just like mc shan thats the point

        • Nah you bitter, you hate your absent father. If this was a Black woman talking about her sons greatness. You’d think she’s the greatest thing since fried chicken

          • thatsjas2 .

            Naw i would say what i already said smarty guy

  • Erick L. Jackson

    He’s 51…. grow up Shan.

  • Come Again?

    Leans in*

    I’m sorry i missed it one more time?

  • Esco23

    Niggaz don’t wanna be a billionaire let alone a is a prime example of how mentally fucked up we are as a whole the nigga who voice carry the most weight in the game telling niggaz to do the right shit in life and niggaz mad at him for it…niggaz dont wanna listen to a black billionaire but always talking about not listening to niggaz who ain’t got big money or that’s broke…we in la la when we win we gone loose

  • thorn416

    Someone tell this old bitch to move around lmao

  • Throw dem Paws den

    This shit is legendary….never seen so many DUMB NIGGAS bothered by some sensible bars. True boss shit. Their only excuse is its been said before lol….df ? What HASNT been said that these new niggas saying? He gotta name drop? He’s be saying half the rappers thts hot RN cuz they ALL do it ctfu

  • RealBoondock

    Sit yo washed up bridge is over ass down