Is Mayweather Fighting McGregor Because He Was ‘Scammed’ Out Of Money?

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  • ChiTownT

    Let’s keep it a buck. Floyd is no astrophysicist but he’s a shrewd businessman, (even if it’s based on the advice of a stellar team of advisors) I highly doubt he’s in any way shape or form in need of cash

    • perfect

      umm I believe that is exactly what Bisping just said.

      • ChiTownT

        Ummm allow me to clarify seeing as you the only nigga that didn’t get it. Fuck what Bisping is talking about. I don’t see Floyd getting swindled out of that much money where it would be his motivation to take this fight. This mans track record in business and even gambling is impeccable. Bisping gossiping like a bitch

        • BTCKING

          well he did, it wouldn’t be the first. Shout out 3 comma joe

          • ChiTownT

            Elaborate if you can

        • Myleage

          I think he got swindled out of that record label he has

          • ChiTownT

            How did he get swindled on that? If he didn’t put out any viable artist that was his or whoever he had running the company’s fuck up

          • Myleage

            well is the record label CEO kept assuring Floyd that artists were on deck, but ran off the bag twice, then that is a “swindle” by definition

          • ChiTownT

            Well if that’s how it happened I can’t argue with that bruh

  • Craig

    really, somebody in Vegas “heard” that Floyd got swindled out of a very large sum of money. Instead of using his resources to get back at the people who got him he decides to risk his entire legacy on a UFC fighter….. Unplug your modem.

  • yolkipalki69

    Cuz someone robbed him lol that retirement money ……… thats what happens when you flap alot and head in the clouds