Max B Is Getting Out Of Prison Early

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Oh shit

  • Trabiscayne

    HELL YEAH!!!
    Hopefully all the other clowns will go away.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    hopefully this is true.

  • Jay Musa Ross

    Free the Biggavelle

  • A Jay

    in 2 years and 1 day later after everyone will forget just like Boosie

    • Johnny Digits

      Fuck then niggas we been wavey since 06.

    • Kingquazy


    • Eptoday

      This is the truth

  • Johnny Digits

    i been yelling free max b, got him to shout me out from jail on my first song i ever recorded. this is an amazing day his kid will see him his fam will see him and most of all he will come back to rule the game

    • HotlineQueef

      fuck you nigger piss bitch and ur nappy headed freak. ur entire life pride is based off a shout out. the fuck oudda here

      • Johnny Digits

        Tell em why you mad son

        • Kayy

          LMAAAAAOOOOOOO RIGHT?!? lmfaoo

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      If thats true, thats actually a pretty cool story..first song ever? Yeah thats dope, IF its true

      • Johnny Digits

        I ain’t here to promote my shit but it’s on my soundcloud..called “the world”

  • Ye’

    Did he snitch on someone or what

    • Jeffrey

      drink bleach

      • Johnny Digits


    • Kappa

      hahaha i thought the same thing man


    best news i’ve heard all year

  • poppy magooo

    never really listened to max b. what’s a mixtape I should download

    • lennox buckles

      Go to bed bro

      • poppy magooo

        It’s 9am

        • Johnny Digits

          Go to bed son

    • cxcvin€ cxbvin

      Domain Diego, Public Domain 3 (all of them really, but i’m partial to 3), Wavie Crockett & Coke Wave 2 with French Montana…

    • XLR8

      I would say his best stuff is before he split from Jim Jones, like the “Million Dollar Baby” is pretty good. “Vigilante Season” was afterwards but it was tough as well. Jim and Max need to settle their issues and get back in that studio, both were better with each others touch in music. They don’t have to hang out but just get back on the track of music.

  • Kappa

    bet he snitched on somone…

    • yo, I was really wondering what on earth could have transpired to cut that time like that. I ain’t sayin you right, but shit….you could be right

      • Johnny Digits

        It was cuz his original lawyer….saluti told max to not take the 10yr plea deal they had on the table n go to court….n they fucked him with 75 years….max appeal was based on him being unjustly represented, his lawyer was also hid manager and entertainment lawyer as well….and he figured he get more money with max on the streets not taking a plea deal…..this case literally was grace of God. …the judge was smart enough to see he was falsely represented and also taken advantage of…..

    • Craig

      Turning state is on public record, if he is testifying against someone it would be in the court journal filed with the county which are public records that can be looked up with just someones first and last name. This sounds more like a good lawyer working an appeal. The government already got its funding for what they needed for sentencing him in the first place.

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  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Wiz khalifa? French Montana? I thought max was Jones homeboy? I knew french always been around but how the fuck does wiz fit in the equation?

    • XLR8

      Max B is actually Cam’ron’s friend who he introduced to Jones but Jones eventually started hanging out with after signing him. Jones and Max were beefing before he went in, maybe about 2 or 3 years before he went in over I believe contractual obligations. Wiz for whatever reason has been speaking up for Max B coming out with the term “Wave” and “Wavy” in hiphop back when Kanye and Game started using the terms. Wiz (like me) was a Dipset fan growing up and one of the better acts coming from Dipset was Max B.

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        Ok, that makes sense….especially about the issue with jones that I didnt know about cuz I was thinking if anybody supposed to be reppin its jones, but now I see why not

      • Kingquazy

        “one of the better acts coming from Dipset was Max B”

        Bigger, not better. Cam, Juelz, Freekey, Un Kasa, JR Writer etc I say they all went harder than Max…

        But.. I respect the wave though. Before the fans come at me, I respect it lol

        • XLR8

          Yeah, either way works, bigger or better. My personal favorites excluding Cam, Juelz and Jim because they were mandatory to listen to but outside of them Bezel, 40 cal, Max B and Vado were some of my favorite associates. I liked Kasa & Writer on features but it was a bit hard for them to carry songs solo.


    i dont belive hes gettin out early we will see tho

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