Matt Barnes Responds To Derek Fisher Getting Fired

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  • kobe


    • Celz

      No he didn’t.

    • AllCashNoBank

      His old bitch

    • YoungPrime

      He didn’t fuck his bitch he fucked his “problem”.

  • Supreme Trunks

    How is that trolling really hard? Trolling really hard would be “I put an ass whooping on the knicks just like I did their coach”

    • fried rice

      People really don’t even understand what trolling mean social media fucks so many nerd lingo up man shit be funny

  • Baba Booey

    Just means he’ll be spending more time with your ex

    • Celz

      From the looks of it that’s Derek’s loss..

      • Mj Bangura

        how is stealing someone’s bitch a loss

        • seandonjuan24

          Prolly cuz shes a gold digger. dunno 4 sure its just a theory

        • Celz

          How is getting at someone’s single ex stealing their bitch? I don’t follow celebrity relationship gossip but thought she had ratchet tendencies.. But honestly getting the friend of your child’s father is confirmation..

        • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

          Let’s see Derek lost a job, lost the league’s respect as a competent coach, lost a friend, might lose the public’s respect and how could his self image recover from all this? Now he is known as the “dude who took ex-wife”. All he gained was his ex-friend’s, ex wife. Meanwhile Barnes is still hired and even though he’s angry about the situation, got a better chance at redeeming himself in the league than Fisher does. Yep, it’s a loss for Derek.

          • Torrance Green

            But wait.. fish has more money more championships, a better NBA legacy and mats bitch. I’m with celz how did he take an L. Cause he lost a coaching position Matt Barnes will never in his life even be considered for? Kobe snitches on Shaq and that’s as great a sin as taking ya dudes bitch and I didn’t see anybody shun him. Fish is one of the greats you may not trust him around your girl but you damn sure respect him

          • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

            You do have a point to back up with facts about Fisher’s NBA legacy in which I do respect; and he is on a higher playing level in some areas than Barnes, it’s etched in stone… Barnes got a divorce with his wife and Fisher really did took her in fair game. But damn, it is an awkward situation. You might be correct…

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    I got a feeling Scott Brooks gon be their new coach

    • Twizz the Whiz Kid

      Damn, that would be a good pick up. Either Scott Brooks, Kevin McHale, Mark Jackson, or David Blatt.

      • Demetrius B.

        mark Jackson would be a full pick

      • Boo Gotti

        Id go with mark Jackson out of all of them ima thunder fan id love to see scott get the job the knicks are a totally different team than us it’d be interesting to see wat happens

        • Twizz the Whiz Kid

          Yeah, Mark Jackson would be a perfect fit… especially, because that’s where he’s from & that’s the team that he was originally drafted to.