Masika And Fetty Wap Expecting Child And Fetty’s Not Happy About It

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  • Celz

    Single mom lingerie preggo pics…

    • Chris Wilson

      Lmao i was thinking the same thing. Who the hell poses in a damn thong to show off your preggo belly? This baby has problems to overcome already, and it aint even born yet!

      • Celz

        And bitches wonder why they single moms smh..

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    At least this nigga is being honest with himself.

  • K.David

    I fuck wit Fetty even more now…even tho he half responsible for that & it was a dumb mistake he kept it real on those bitches

    • XLR8

      Kept it real??? Shid,what is this like his 9th baby momma? He’s used to it now, he’s reliving getting a thot pregnant all over again. I would be more impressed if he just gone ahead and vasectomy, he needs to stop having kids.

      • K.David

        Rap niggas dont know how to say no until AFTER they get pregnant lmao

      • Ritchie Mixy Greaves

        nah your thinking of future fetty to the best of my knowledge only has one baby momma at the moment

  • ChiTownT

    Even with one eye Fettty should’ve seen this shit coming. Nothing like a reality thot sucess story to encourage the Bum Bitch Movement

  • ToPZ

    He needs to ask Big Sean where to get them bullet-proof condoms

  • King of Trollz

    she is ugly as fuck, fetty has horrible taste. he should skeet in something a little better, like a sushi roll….

  • Mr. Socially Awkward

    I mean if Fetty fuck without a condom he can’t be mad at her because when you fucking these chickens raw there is a 50% chance she might be pregnant BUT If ol girl traped him and poked a hole through the condom I can understand why he would be mad but i wouldn’t post my rage on twitter

    • SemahjLam

      50% chance is a lil extreme

  • ms-m

    This clown need to strap up, I guess he never had women so now he’s going buck wild. At the end of the day he is going to pay out of his pockets.

    • Keith Shaun

      thats how im thinking… he going be broke realllll quick, jy sad

  • Craig

    “Perfect sweet glory” She may as well have just said she got a golden ticket. Sad these chicks never think about the child’s life and the effects that not having a real family foundation can do to a youngin… In her eyes she will be giving birth to a paycheck…. poor child.