Martin Shkreli Leaks Lil Wayne’s Kendrick Lamar Featured ‘Carter V’ Track

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  • Ken Carter

    Sounds like it will b jamming

  • TwoToolyWoop

    Shit Nigga Need 2 Give A Nigga A Job……

  • Johnathan Dough

    Out of respect to C5 and wayne I ain’t listening to this shit until it hits iTunes.

    • Allen Smith

      Right I ain’t touching it until it’s official

    • kushxchevys

      Dam it sound fire as fuck tho lol fuck martin!!


      I feel the same way. Wayne straight fighting for this shit and mfs are playing.

    • Mike Donovan

      yall are sad if dont get out them emotions and out another mans business.. just be on the music . THATS WHATS WRONG WITH MEN.. they putting kweef hormones in the water i see

      • cxcvin€ cxbvin



        You’re fucked up. That’s how BLACK MEN get their bread. By people listening to it when it officially comes out. Life is a bigger picture, stop being so fucking selfish.

        • Mike Donovan

          No LIL GOSSIP… you still in others business like a ho. chatty menlike you dont understand but lovers of music do

          • WOWWOWWOW

            Haha like a ho? That’s all you got b?

          • WOWWOWWOW

            Lol lil dude you can get the fuck out of here talking about that ho shit. It’s both of our business since we in this bitch talking about it lol. Fuck outta here talking about chatty men we both talking on here clown…

          • Mike Donovan

            i respect you only because you use the phrase ho shit.. but otherwise its back to lil gossip

    • Red

      -Torrents it the day it comes out

    • LatarionMilton

      Fuck that lol, Wayne is goat and im tired of waiting. Drop that shit Shkreli!!!!!, this shit needs to be heard. This will force Snakeman to put it on sale.

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    Sounds dope. LW>kl

    • Irwin Schwab

      As a Lil Wayne fan, I gotta tell you that you on some shit if you think your sentence is true…

      • youknow

        just because kendrick is a better lyricist doesn’t automatically make him better for everyone

  • Astronaut

    Anorher Lawsuit?

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Honestly thought dude had been killed, I don’t see why he hasn’t. This nigga really wanna be relevant by doing the most disrespectful shit.

  • by the time we hear the carter v, if we ever do, it’s gonna sound hella outdated

    • The King Of Armageddon

      I KNOW!!! I pray this doesn’t happen tho

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      I want to say you right, but on the low listen if to anything wayne ever dropped, and think to yourself if it came out TODAY what would the response be? I think about shit like that, and I honestly think I can take a Wayne tape from 10 yrs ago like Dedication 2 and it will literally be the hottest thing out today. Tell me I’m lying. lol With that being said, I think we’re good for lil while with C5. When it drop it’s still gonna be flames

      • I feel you on that ski…dedication 2 is a classic tho man frfr. that and the carter 3 leaks. they aged well too. with the exception of a few freestyles. just me personally, after the carter 4 I was hella disappointed and it seems like c5 was supposed to be him coming back in the 45 jersey. shit man he don’t need to wait too long, or it’s gone end up lookin jordan in the wizards jersey

        • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

          you right….I stopped listening after D3, after listening to wayne for a SOLID ten yrs. 99-2009…But he kinda dropped some solid verses with that collegepark though. Shows he still can do it

          • word…the crazy part is man dude really went all the way in for 10 str8 years. guess it’s hard to be enthusiastic as you once were when you surpassed even your wildest imaginations. you talkin bout that album he had wit 2chainz? yea man he sounded pretty good on that one. he had a few good tracks on that free weezy album too

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    – Founding Father of Wackness

    • Allen Smith

      Niggas stay under you try to talk down on you

    • Ye’

      I’m seriously going to buy like two copies and then just stream it anyways

  • Bill Jansen

    Nigga puts emojis an calls someone else a cornball?? Putting smiley faces like a 12 yr old girl haha

    • Allen Smith

      Obviously your Dumbass doesn’t get the jester… i didn’t use it because I thought it was funny it’s called sarcasm…. fuck outta here

      • Bill Jansen

        Bruh u that dumb… I know why you used the Emoji it’s the fact that you used an emoji in general .. I guess you’re a little girl that tweets and uses smiley faces or emojis I know why you used the damn face idiot it’s the fact that you’re using it I guess there’s no fog and you huh

        • Allen Smith

          If you know why I used it then why tf are you even here commenting…. what is your point, listen nigga I used the emoji to make fun of him using emojis not because I just like using emojis… and now ur trying to get on my case for using emojis how fucking dumb is that……. why are you even talking to me bro

          • Bill Jansen

            Hajaah wow ..u a lesbian or a mad girl ?? Sheesh ma u dumb an so soft ya feelings explaining ur lost manhood an posting emojis..hahah keep making your father proud and post smiley faces for sarcasm and explain it and act like it’s okay your posting smiley faces even if your favorite rapper did doesnt make it ok or if half the world does haah … you’re supposed to be a man act like it

          • Bill Jansen

            I’m very busy but I can check out the full every when I’m taking a shit so I’ll respond and put weird people in their place like you when I’m taking a shit three times a day or every other day but grow up and become a man don’t put emoji and this weird shit you are so not grow a pair of balls once you see Real Lies and manhood you will not post smiley faces

          • Allen Smith

            N yo ass wants to continue to talk to me….. I’m not bout to read ya shit get, ghost bru

          • Bill Jansen

            Lol sad hahahaha peace lilnigga

      • Bill Jansen

        The only Thug in you is your boyfriend

      • Christian Belliard


        • Allen Smith

          My dumbass can’t spell my nigga gesture