Martin Shkreli Gets Gooned Up & Creepy In His Beef With Ghostface Killah

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  • ilikemusic.

    HAHAHAHA this beef is the best beef in Hip Hop right now…fuck all the other fake beef/promo bullshit. This takes the cake!!

  • Killa Cam Newton

    O fucks givin this boy is a savage the problem is there are plenty of goons who would beat the fuk out of ghostface and anyone he associated with for 10 stacks or less and no doubt about it he has the money to give them..He just make the ye and wiz beef look like high-school drama

    • ilikemusic.

      That’s what i’m saying….People may have their problem with this kid but he’s rich as fuck and well connected. Ghost shouldn’t mess with him the kid has lost it lol. Especially since he will most likely end up in prison eventually for bad business….he’s just doing the most while he can which could mean giving no fucks and this escalating quickly

      • Killa Cam Newton

        Take this upvote ride to the top with me my nicca

        • ilikemusic.


        • ilikemusic.


          • Frank White

            Jadakiss and Syles P Vocie would have been better

          • ilikemusic.

            haha touche’

    • OhRyanT

      Shut the fuck up this dude is a big pussy.

      • Killa Cam Newton

        I bet if my big black ass walked up to your car you would lock the doors in fear I would rob you not knowing I’m just a God fearing hard working man ….looks can be deceiving just because he look like he can do no damage dont sleep on him ever seen The usual Suspects

        • Doing Numbers

          Shut up faggot

          • Killa Cam Newton

            Doing booty
            Doing garbage comebacks
            Doing nothing but hating
            Doing anything to feel important

            Just some suggestions when you lookng for a new screen name pussy

          • Wtf?! He was just making a point chill.

          • Doing Numbers

            What point is that? That he’s a fucking idiot? These are four white guys, three with masks on.

            Calling Martin shkreli a savage

          • Vincent Hawkins

            Because white guys NEVER kill folks….your comment was dumb, sir..

          • Doing Numbers

            White guys wearing masks pretending to black aren’t killing anyone. Fucking idiot

          • Vincent Hawkins

            Eat a full dick…

          • ilikemusic.

            Money is power….everything doesn’t happen like you see in movies bro…You’re assumptions that he is a pussy because of his looks is ignorant and makes you the weak one. In actuality this guy has enough money to find you and do harm to you and your family if he wanted to….all from his bedroom. You may be able to throw hands or some other shit that your boys gas you up by saying, but this dude has the real power. Sit down narrow minded ass lame

          • His point was that you shouldn’t deceive a person by how the way they act or look. Martin may be White and a successful business man but that doesn’t make him weak. And, that you shouldn’t sleep on a person that seems weak or think that he/she can’t defend themselves. That was his point.

          • Doing Numbers

            Got that point. My point is he’s an idiot if u think Martin shkreli is important enough to touch gfk. Guy is looking for points before he goes to jail.

            Seriously wtf are u kidding me

          • Yeah true about the “looking for points part” And he didn’t say important enough to touch lol. He was just making a statement that people that a like Martin shouldn’t be looked upon as weak or useless when it comes to defending themselves. No one should be slept on by how they appear to be. But I guess your right, His ass may be going to jail soon so he has nothing to lose.

        • wsdeeeez823


        • Kyle D

          I definitely agree, this guy is a mobster. He could potentially do a lot of damage if he felt like it.

          • Oxymoron

            A mobster? You know this dude livestreams himself playing games n shit right??.

          • Kyle D

            I don’t see how that makes a difference though. He’s clearly not afraid to pursue this beef regardless of what the repercussions may be. Thats why I wouldn’t underestimate him.

          • Oxymoron

            He’s not afraid because he’s filthy rich and has most likely hired bodyguards to follow him around at all times. Rich =/= mobster.

          • Kyle D

            Well whatever u want to call him it won’t change the fact that this man is capable of causing a lot of damage. And I’m pretty sure everyone here can agree with that.

    • Ye’

      That was so unexpected Lol I thought he was savage as fuck for this too

    • Nick K

      You’re right. Money can buy a lot, and he definitely has money.

    • jay jenkins

      true i dont think he’s mobbin but u can do anything with enough money…saying that…i’d love for ghost to come out on top of this

  • Syrupp Lit

    LMFAO who is this Tony stark ass nigga

  • Ghostface getting sonned by a scrawny ass white boy

  • Star_God

    Money is power……..give a goon a couple stacks and you’ll be surprise at what can happen! This nigga is a millionaire no matter how corny he is. He can buy niggas for protection and to do his biding. Anybody can get touch. It’s all about the cream ghost you know that my nigga!

  • AllCashNoBank

    Damnnnn! Best beef of the year.

  • MrMc Clay

    Paid for ass beef I can’t take it .

  • Christopher Smith

    I guess Yall didn’t notice all those were white boys dressed up tryna change their voices. Pussci!!! Nice try doe

    • stikkfingerninesa

      I guess Christopher believes that alle White Boys are pussies… you are much velcome here to eastern europe or russia, and we Will Sees whos the real pussy. Do you Sees any black People here? I guess you can guess why is that Christopher..

      • Christopher Smith

        I didn’t say dat Dumbass I said pussci cuz they faking ass clown but I guess u can’t read dat well pussci hahahaha

        • stikkfingerninesa

          Fuck you clown

          • Christopher Smith

            Hahahahhaha pussci boi touched ya feelings

          • stikkfingerninesa

            You didnt, I Just dont understand why you are laughing like a clown. But hey I am not american, and all I read was White and pussy, so if you didnt mean it the way I thought you was, its my bad. Have a nice evening

          • Christopher Smith

            I laugh cuz I choose and on dat note respect

          • Firmeza

            Nigga you can’t even write xD

      • Dirty SkillZ

        That’s true. There gangsters and mobster around the world. Real killers move in silence though. This is for the whole world to see and possibly some publicity stunt for some new wu-tang album or a lower priced aids drug. OR to get you guys to stop thinking about Hillary and Trump. The choice is yours.

  • samwalsh

    HAHAHAHA tried sounding like some supervillain what a fucking nonce

  • #Worklife


  • Kyle D

    Hahaha this video made me piss myself

  • HacksawSlimDruggin

    S/O to niggaz trying to hear that new Wu shit playing in the background tho

  • R.Tyler


  • DeezyHatesHoes

    why is this pussy still talking???

  • ChiTownT

    Wow didn’t see that coming. Gotta give the fucboi a lil credit. It took balls to publicly take the disrespect to Ghost at that level. Men of power and with means having being getting dirt done while keeping their own hands clean since the beginning of time so don’t sleep. Like Killa Cam said under me. You was right ilikemusic, this the best beef in a while. Maybe when can finally stop hearing bout drake and meek bullshit

  • Kyle C Walker

    my prediction the wu gonna steal that album back and this guy gonna wish he never started shit. no one cares about this white boy his picture gonna end up on a milk carton soon.

  • gram parsons

    this is the kinda white boy to fear. probably bullied to bits in school. now he’s rich af and with a big chip on his shoulder and prepared to take things to ugly levels of crazy. and cash coming out his fucking ears to back it all up

  • ThatGuy

    *Dumpsterfire of a human being pays black people to make himself look tough*

  • 1h45h

    He called him a “non-profit rapper” #DEAD

  • money

    Money talk , he said he he will erase his memory let’s see

  • Jmaes King

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  • Chill Life

    This guy has the money to do whatever. He is not stitches, we will send peopke down to get ya. He certainly has the money to do it. And with that creepy ass face it just makes it worse.

  • Hood Oracle

    this nigga is such a faggot…how you got “alleged goons” behind you talking bout I want a written letter of apology lmfao you gotta be fucking kidding me aint 1 “savage” molecule in that boy body

    • Toker

      Think outside the box if Ghostface were to write that letter (which i highly doubt he would) it would make him look like a bitch. Meanwhile if he doesn’t write that letter he probably still gonna make him look like a bitch. But who the fuck knows I just wanna know what happens next

  • fonsworth

    I can’t wait to see ghostface killah’s response to this one, haha.

    • Yeah I dunno, Ghost seems trapped on this one lol. This beef is priceless, hehe.

  • rt

    sounds like bill murray needs to steal that album asap so ghost can go off on him

  • jahhhh b

    Looks like WWF

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    that fuck boy aint doin nothin lol

  • black adam

    the moment ghost responds to this clown, he already will have lost. cant give these pussies a platform.

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    For one if any e is scared of this little bitch then none of you have any balls this little price of shit if I ever catch him where I live he’s a dead man peirod people like that dont deserve to be breathing

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    No he can’t do any damage this guy has no cred in streets just money to pay people ghost could easily call one of his boys and they would do this guy in for free

  • This guy

    All honesty, I inspire to be like Martin Shkreli, he’s an asshole but that’s because he has the power to do so.
    I wouldn’t possibly do all of what he’s doing right now.. because literally he’s just losing money now. he ain’t gaining anything.

  • Stuart Raymond Bice

    This dude disrespects hip hop so much smfh

  • Disordah1027

    Im sure ghostface could care less about dat fuckin album he already made his mark in hip hop,,,and i would love to see ghostface break his shit,,,,for even tryna disrespect a true legend

  • Jory Peer

    Have you fucks forgot who Wu-Tang is……mother fuckers have been around forever, the associates they have are probably some powerful people, wouldn’t doubt it if they have ties with Yakuza, who would fuck Martin up and make him disappear…..haha Martin is rich, but Wu-Tang clan ain’t nothing to fuck with!

  • Brandon

    His goons aren’t even well dressed looking broke as fuck in some north face hoodies and some kids Halloween masks from walmart, easy to talk shit but I won’t believe it until they actually run up on him.

  • kushxchevys

    Why is this man still walking lol

  • MrDebonair77

    If you think having money money automatically makes you a gangster, you support stupid shit like Rick Ross. You a bought and sold slave MF who will do anything. Marty Boy doesn’t have balls. What he has is an ego, and that’s clearly a difference. That’s why he had those bought and sold slave goons around him. You saw that they had the sense to cover their faces, right?? They don’t want no trouble. Anybody can talk that shit hiding behind a mask just like they did… If you support this little POS , then you’re a fake MF , too. Ask yourself this: if Marty -boy didn’t have his money, would you have his back with him acting like that?? If you said no, then change your name to Toby, you bitch -assed , washing another MF’s draws in the pen, assed, pussy slave bitch.

  • this is just some evil nigga from 4chan or reddit, he’s a devil troll