Marshawn Lynch Gave Funny Answer When Asked Him About Protesting Anthem

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  • Da Truth

    This nigga funny as fuc

  • Robyns

    People sit during the anthem at home when they’re watching the game. Soldiers were sacrificed; they didn’t sacrifice. So standing for this shit is actually disrespectful. If you don’t get that this is a federal country, then just keep letting them feed you on what you read and hear. Sport players who have a problem with inequality, but help drive up the stocks of wealthy elites is just amazing. People think the problem is about racism; Whenever people want to get logistical instead of political would be just find….

  • Melo

    By all means, sit. Keep your fucking hat on, too. Fuck what people think.

  • alexis

    Nationalism is just plain stupid, we’re all human beings. Don’t let them divide us by our religions, nationalities or skin colors. There’s food and a roof for everybody on this planet, if a few billionaires don’t keep half of the planet riches for themselves. We have to share!

    • Jesse Mccree

      -broke nigga

      • ben

        – stupid fuck

    • Manny Bravo


  • Manny Bravo

    Marshawn Lynch is a real one. He does whatever the hell he wants and still gets the job done on the field.

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