Marquise Jackson Roasts His Dad 50 Cent As He Loses Child Support

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  • imaginationsequation

    where’s the roast?

  • Fuck dumb azz 50 Cent and his ugly azz son.


    This shit is just sad. 50’s a bitch, straight up.

    • kushxchevys

      Its sad that this saddens u….. hope ut not a grown ass man

  • smith jones

    Lol that’s funnyaf…

  • Rich blackman

    50 is very sensitive. Not having parents will fuck you up. You never know who to trust and you never truly feel loved. 50 dont really have to tools to share certain love in relationships. My dad is the same way. He’s always hard and never shows emotion. But deep down he dont know how.

    • thorn416

      Fif doesn’t even know who his dad is, and his mother was MURDERED when he was a kid. It’s a miracle he isn’t a complete monster. His childhood reads like a supervillain origin story.
      He should really be meeting with a therapist weekly tbh

  • Mike

    I would be happy af 2

    • kushxchevys

      Right all these niggas mad some females who’ve never had to pay cs

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    50 is too childish

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Sad they won’t work it out but this is all because a grimy scandalous female

    • Right.. you don’t know what she was feeding the kid growing up.
      women will do evil things especially if they hate you.

      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        That’s for sure.

  • B-man

    Welp LiL nigga gotta get out there and make his own way now…jopefully his moms took all dat Loot 50 paid in child-support and make sumething happen with it instead of buying kicc’s LOL

  • Craig

    Silence is more often the best response to hate. Success is always the best revenge. Get your weight up young one and only invest energy into positivity.

  • kushxchevys

    Free admission to ladies who did collect child support!!!! Lmaoo rns tho fuck cgeck hungry bitches

  • Pell

    50 Cent should be the bigger person and reach out to his son. And stop this bitter beefing with his seed. 50’s ego is huge. Ya’ll only blaming the Mom/Marquise only. But look at 50’s history…….He has beefed with all of New York City (even G-Unit) and will never admit he ever made mistakes or say “In hindsight…….I could have did this. I know better now.” NOPE. You will never see him eat slice of humble pie but he expects everyone else to.

    Thats his kid and as he becomes a young man he needs his Dad’s guidance more than ever. As the FATHER he has to be the leader in this.

  • jurassicjrod

    50 is a terrible father and really needs therapy (like someone else posted here already)


    Fif son will always hate him because when he was a kid..SOMEONE..Wink Wink..set his mothers house on fire and dam near killed her and him. She said 50 was responsible, so I’m sure 50 son feels some type of way