Man Who Says Jay Z Is His Dad Frustrated By Hov’s Legal Maneuvering

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  • LOL

  • iPhone

    Lmfao I don’t know what to say about this, I just…lol.

  • Jay Smith

    poor kid, it sucks when Camels don’t take care of their young

    • iPhone

      LOL u win comment of the day.

      • A MrBang Dixon

        I agree ctfu

  • ITS ME

    *looks at nose* yep that’s his son

  • Joseph Rosello

    He got the same nose!!!!thats Hov’s son!!!

  • DaTrooth

    Lol…. Im pretty sure we can find another 100k kids who look like hov… 8 billion people in the world and some look alike.

  • xnoxes

    funny when the dad is broke and isn’t in the kids life the kid wants nothing to do with him. but rich and not in the life the kid comes crawling. If he was my dad id say fuck that nigga and his money

  • High_joe80

    chick tried to tell me a kid was mine. she said look at his nose. the kid was not mine. its other niggaz with wide noses

  • Agent006

    This kid is 21 now. What the hell does he expect to come from this? If you watch that video he looks nothing like HOV.

  • prairie_state

    I think the time to sue would’ve been prior to age 21; Why didn’t his mom (or, for that matter, why didn’t he) sue in New York? That’s where the damn defendant (Jay Z) is. I’ve been an attorney for less than two years, but I coulda done this right…