Man Gets Ass Beat After Trying To Carjack Football Players With Fake Gun

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  • kushxchevys

    Oh shit thats that nigga “@realtalk” lmao

  • Gr8ness

    Damn! Nothing worse than getting fucked up then going to jail right after.

  • Derek, Yo Homie

    Nigga the real life Martin after he got in the ring wit TP

    • Supreme Trunks

      lol I was thinking the same damn thing

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Mane what? He gotta Phone Home face now

    • Craig

      Yup that was exactly what I was thinking. Damn Gina!!!

  • Killa Cam Newton

    After the suspect is under control the beating stops they went overboard

    • Lord_Farquad

      Lol Man, f all that. A mf’er try to rob me, and threaten my life, ain’t no overboard. Shit’s done if/when I say it’s done. We might to have to go to that holding cell together. :

      • kushxchevys

        Lmao hitting coubty till lawyer convinces them i was threatend for my life!!

        • Lord_Farquad

          Dude had a prop gun & all that. lol Definitely deserved that ass whoopin’.

      • Killa Cam Newton

        I feel you cuh I would do the same but you know how the system is

    • Matt Leon

      Overboard? Nah, If I see a guy about to pull a gun on me, that I probably don’t even know whether or not is a fake, I’m punching him. And if I see that I’m punching him enough to where he can’t grab his gun to shoot me, I’m punching him until he goes unconscious, maybe even more than that lol.

    • Craig

      Oh somebody will convince him to open a civil case watch. They will ask for about 20 mil.

  • Bill Jansen

    Heart? Tho whyyyyyy

  • black adam

    he got the head off pinky & the brain.

  • Manny Bravo

    There’s a reason the expression “Beat yo’ ass like you stole something” exists.

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  • Thomas Bugg

    Dumb mufucka! Hold that L!

    And you know they’re gonna tear his ass up in jail

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    World’s most dumbest criminal.