Madonna Goes In On Drake And His Masculinity

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  • sosarozay300

    i think this is for some comedy show

    • goldentiger3

      It has to be, she cant get pissy after going after this dude since he got famous.

    • wiseguy

      It’s Saturday night live, fans asks celebrities questions. No joke cuz she had some really dumb questions too. Find it on youtube.


    So many of her fans probably hate her for that lol ..o yea YOU FUCKED UP LOL

  • yomama69 #69Squad

    I wouldnt want this nasty moth ball smelling ass bitch to kiss me either, drake was probably disgusted right after because she probably slipped a loogie in his mouth

    • anton

      moth ball lol

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    The older the berry the sweeter the juice… I’d eat that A$$-hole – and not just for the money. #DFTBA

    • TooDamnReal

      That berry is so old and wrinkly there’s no juice left bruh

    • gigi

      omg these comments hahahah, “eat that a$$-hole” I can’t

    • Cognac and Papers

      that bitch look like lorde’s momma, fuck royals she gets no soup.

  • Jawan Savage

    dumb nigga she got that 800 million dollar pussy that was a horrible career move on his part even though he rich he ain’t no where near Madonna rich and never will be……….

  • Amy7165

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    • REDD


  • Flamez

    He lying. He was probably disgusted after kissing her old ass. No matter how much money she has, he still looked like uuuuugh her kiss was foul! She probably stuck her old slimy tongue in his throat ewww. #Neverkissamadonna

  • n0kturnal

    I felt so bad for drake. He probably felt obligated to kiss her after the song and her asking for a date. But let’s be honest. The pussy don’t even get wet anymore and she’s old. She should just be fucking thankful that he kissed her at all.

    • Keith Shaun

      nah, she kissed him… and he def wasnt ready for it

  • Frost Green

    meanwhile in baltimore….

    • Boogaloo

      meanwhile in NYC.. Brian Moore stfu sayin “Baltimore when that shit happened last week you little cry baby fuck

      • Frost Green

        Meanwhile in NYC… Shit is fucked up around the whole country not just Baltimore and NYC dude neither incident is more important than the other especially when lives are lost

  • JVSTiiiCE

    I fuck with Madonna and her legacy but to say some shit like that, being that it’s probably been the biggest look she’s gotten in lord knows how long is sad lol

  • Light Dat Blunt

    But I bet if he hit it he woulda been the man

  • REDD

    Lol they wrong for using the before and after picture

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