Lupe Fiasco Reviewed ‘Drogas Light’ & Was Surprisingly Tough

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  • Astronaut

    Heard good things but never fucked with Lupe. Shiit happens sometimes

    • TheRenaissanceMan

      Cause you’re a retard

      • Astronaut

        You ain’t shiit.

    • SeymourCake

      Same here he not for me.

  • BmoreTrue

    It’s a great album I’m enjoying it

  • BmoreTrue

    It’s a good album I’m enjoying it


    So…is it Dragos… Or Drogas?

    • Black Hippy 47

      Drogas the writers on this shit are slow


        They thinkin of Soulja and his Draco lol


    It’s legit

  • Spookeysmoker

    Really overlooked album I guess he’s not Kendrick lamar enough for people but I think he watered himself down and people still ain’t please I think the cd was versatile witty and dofferent

  • A Jay

    This guy is hates on his own success, you want money and attention but like when he made Lasers he called it trash. He needs to be bigger to get his message across cuz he raps about different things that most rappers don’t and that’s a good thing. In my opinion he could’ve easily been top 5 right now but he is all over the place musically.