Lupe Fiasco Has Harsh Words For Kid Cudi After Cudi Threatens Drake

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  • Astronaut

    Mr. Solo Dolo – Kid Cudi

  • Johnathan Dough

    How you gonna diss and talk shit on drake but when he replies your ready to call names and fight?

  • Stacy Rich


  • Stacy Rich

    Where my Gee’s at?
    Tired of Dudes getting your Bread and Not delivering
    I have the (ActaVi$$ Purple )
    Pain KillerZ (Generic PillZZ Or Original ones)
    Fone # {+19102}_,36_2789

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    Qm must’ve struggled getting them bars for it to take a month to respond to a tweet damn

    • Jules

      That was a weak ass comment lol..

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

        For the reason you could be a drake stan or i could’ve delivered it better?

        • Young Flacko

          For the reason it was just a weak ass comment lol

        • Jules

          I’m not, but that was something you should’ve said 5 months ago.. But do you lol

        • drakes dicks all in your mouth fucking dickchasers everywhere were u was at wen meeky mouse got bodied you was quiet along with the other weak mills huh pussy

          • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

            why are you so butthurt lmfao relax cyber crip it’s just jokes. you stans gotta ease up way too defensive.

          • thought so pussy

  • Ye’

    I fuck with all three of these dudes. They should all just stfu honestly

    • they all need to make music together and stfu i mean imagine drake, cudi & lupe on the same song it would be flames but cudi lost his damn mind

  • Jonnae

    Lupe does have a point about Cudi needing to work on himself instead of worrying about some other nigga, but what I don’t understand is why the fuck does someone always have to hop into someone else’s “beef”. This shit is annoying as fuck.

  • Quimby William

    Actavi$$ Purple and Pain Pillzz
    i have been in this for 4 years
    Inbox me at m

    • Mike Donovan


      • SkidRow

        I actually feel you on this MD lol

        • Mike Donovan

          its a new day lol

  • “Young Liar”(lies and cash)

    Fuck these niggas bruh!..

    Batesville Arkansas pop. 400

  • kautious18

    Kinda wack how this site mainly brings up other artist names only when it’s associated w drizzy-

    • SkidRow

      Even though just 72 hours ago there was about three articles on the Jay Z and Kanye bullshit? Or the Wayne and baby beef? Or the game and Meek Mill beef? okay….

      • kautious18

        Statement still stands-

  • Frank White


  • Frank White

    If Cudi had responded with something like “I love my enemies” or some higher road shit he would have looked better…this shit makes him look weak and like a little high school girl…