Lupe Fiasco Details His Gripes With ‘Jewish’ Record Executives & Lawyers

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  • Flo

    At the end of the day, you can’t trust none of the executive from any company at all. They only know how to use you and pay you peanuts to what you make them.

    • 100squad

      Yep,.. they don’t even care if it’s a female with. A nut allergy

  • Be bout that life & quit rap and twitter. Gettin these fools off social media is like asking em to give their first born up! Record execs been shady as fuck…

  • Johnny Doe

    That’s what happens when you sign away your soul

  • Its.Lip

    this walking on eggshells shit is getting old

  • 100squad

    He voted for trump,..

    • Conner

      because hillary is a evil bitch bro

      • 100squad

        That “butch” Is evil. If her pussy could talk it probably be saying some real scornful shit too.. yea it would talk dirty, but not the kind I like

    • Anthony Mitchell

      google George soros and hillary. hate to say it but trump was the lesser evil

      • 100squad

        Haha I was just being facetious, I honestly don’t care who that man voted for. Shit I voted for Buck Nasty, ..which is interesting cause I can’t vote.

  • Designer A

    lol these guys are so powerful you can’t even name them. Support to Lupe, Kanye, Dame they know what’s up. Lyor Cohen is a fraud.