Ludacris Won’t Let Tamika Fuller See Their Daughter

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  • ImmoveableForce

    I think he’s justified. She seems off

  • Robert Williams

    I think that’s some Hoe ass shit he on,that’s that shit Bitches do

  • ShortnSassy

    Hmmm… as a mom I get it… but she does seem to be a little off… and to call him LUDACRIS!!! LMFAOOO hilarious… I loved his response to that.

  • InternetsBestRapper

    Ludacris got primary custodian of the daughter? Think you meant custody. #stayinschool

    • KeenanWoods

      If you have custody… That makes you the custodian. #STAYINSCHOOL with them past and pre tenses’ lol How ignorant and uniformed you are, read something or something

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