Looks Like There’s A Future And Young Thug Project Coming

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  • Drake Jr.

    Purple slime otw

  • The tape gonna be called “the Doodie Brothers – Still Chokin on that Auto Tuna and 100 Hooks” Yeah! Skrrrrr!

    • bushay914nyc

      More lyriclesß st

  • Poopmaster

    Damn no joke I’m very intrested

  • bushay914nyc

    Omg please no theres enuff trash out alreaady between yatchi vert cheef fetty migos an trash ass futurea fuck man stop the non lyrical canta spit a vearse to save his momma life …speacailed muenuffal

    • Poopmaster

      Outta of those trash rappers though…future and young thug both dope.. They make great stripper music so just chill out…bitches don’t wanna hear lyrical shit bruh they want bangers something to shake they asses to listen to lyrical shit on your head phones this right hear the shit you bump loud so erryone can hear

  • bushay914nyc

    Specil ed hndicp music

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    gonna be best mixtape of alltime, thugga the goat n his lilbro future tito,,, the 2 best in the game this gon b wayy harder tan watch the throne or any other bullshit like that

    • Poopmaster

      Don’t get to carried away bruh this gon’ be fire but, no need to get carried away lol

    • Marquis

      Whoa sleeping on the stepbrothers mixtapes StarLito and DonTrip

  • Astronaut

    Cant even lie im feeling this shiit.

  • Sloan

    “Who” went hard

  • teddy t.stupid

    Dat shit go b fiiiiiiire ya dig


    this is long overdue. I said from the time that barter 6 came out that these two should tag team the rap game. their sounds compliment one another perfectly, like a hood donny and marie