It Looks Like Rick Ross Is About To Address Birdman Beef

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  • Ur Mom

    Rick Ross fuckin blows

    • Us Kzar

      Use a bitch shut up mark

  • LatarionMilton

    Can’t wait to hear it. #birdmanhandrub

    • kushxchevys


  • Us Kzar

    Rnzl..the boy makes great music and gives visuals..that kind if shit is rare and frowned apon now..but I’m buying it

    • kobe


      • Us Kzar

        Fake online mark ass very own cyber e_troll. I see you see hunting comments like a true pion.

        • kobe


    • FRAUD

      • Us Kzar

        Funny a bs ass mark calling real G’z fraud. Let u tell it..

  • Spookeysmoker

    I just need to hear him say put some respek on it in his voice lol

  • Matt Leon

    If this was a year ago, I’d say “who cares?” But Ross’ music has gotten miles better than what it used to be. I’m excited for this album.

    • yea man, he’s def one of the rappers that has clear progress and improvement after each project. the jump in talent from his first album to his second album was mind boggling to me.

      • Matt Leon

        Yeah. Ross has my respect for that. I hadn’t noticed him really improve though until after I heard him in Purple Lamborghini. That song been out for a minute now but that song is the only reason I haven’t deleted the suicide squad soundtrack from my phone and replaced it with another album yet. I still be bumping that and there’s another song he put out that I had made sure to get but I just haven’t downloaded it to my phone yet.

        • no doubt, I feel you on that. bruh really don’t get the respect he deserves. lowkey every album he’s put out since his first one has been solid af and his ear for beats is nuts

          • Matt Leon

            Yeah I have to admit you’re right on that one. It took me awhile to get into him though. I picked up his last two albums and I really wasn’t feeling them all that much but this new sound hes got has me wanting to pay attention though.