It Looks Like Nicki Minaj Has Weighed In On Meek-Game-Beans

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  • KnowNothinBoutNothin

    Probably the smartest and realest thing I’ve seen Nicki Minaj say. I’ve just gained a little respect for her.

    • kushxchevys

      Nigga nickis been with the shit and real since day 1

      • KnowNothinBoutNothin

        Lol that’s funny

      • BrodieThaGod

        Came up under Wayne and with Drake she gotta be real

        • ChiTownT

          Your plane crashed when you added the with Drake part

        • kushxchevys

          Yup and like i always said if my nigga wasnt a drug addict =drizzy and if he was a female =nicki

        • kushxchevys


  • ChiCity1988

    Is it me or is HHE always throwing shade at game and riding meek mills dick

    • KnowNothinBoutNothin

      You mean shade at meek and dick riding drake

    • OHBoy330

      Just u lol.

  • Mec-One

    Meek reading this like “Is she talking about me?”

  • #Tha 4

    i thought dis chick was uh fake but time & time she start`n to prove she #Riden #ILOVETHISbIH

  • Samisback

    Seems like she’s speaking in general to me

  • HottWingzz

    Nikki is a thot.. she rhymes hoe- ish so she gets treated like one..

  • Ascendence

    what a corny ass holier than thou virtual signaling post

  • kautious18

    This dumb—who doesn’t see this copy n paste-heavily recycled comment on their own fb or instagram daily…….corny

  • Astronaut

    She didnt say this with Miley Cyrus. Lol but she is one of the most kind hearted ones. My evaluation is based on how she cares for her family and her circle

    • Lamar XnoXes

      yea dude she cared so much about safaree when she was chowin down on meeks mans then kissing him good night

  • roland333

    It’s a slow day to give a fuck what she has to say about the beef

    • Black Hippy 47

      Pretty sure they would’ve posted what she had to say regardless

  • Mike Donovan

    niggas call their conflict beef. rap gets cornier and cornier.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I feel like this is for Meek. She’s only giving him knowledge.

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  • squeezy

    I’m pretty sure she talking about her situation with Remy ma

    • Mec-One

      Nah, she’s talking about game ….. that’s why there’s no response ….. she already threw shots back at remy

  • Allen Smith

    Nicki is a bird, who can rap

    • James Davia

      You mean Nicki is a bird and only a bird who was getting her bars from a scrub named safaree, she still got the nicest fake ass of all


    This shit is mad corny , it’s funny I just watched Redman on VladTV and he was saying back in his prime during the 90’s when dudes had beef they would meet them at the studio or show up at their shows now these fools get on social media lmao mad lame