It Looks Like Future Did Sue Desiigner Over Panda

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  • Astronaut

    Say it aint so… claim you wanna inspire people but sue when a song sounds “similar ” damm cuhh…

  • Astronaut

    Guess Future took that “Fuck up Some Commas” shiit literal. Lol good luck getting that check Desiigner

  • Astronaut

    I agree fam.

  • preppy pimp

    I hope Rocko can’t collect off of this doe

    • SlimJuve25

      no he can’t, deal was for a % of the back to back albums an % of tour money for a period of time

  • Skrynn $krylla

    But everybody had some hoe shit to say bout Rocko sueing for what’s his!!! Smh it’s ok when future run to 12 but not Da Don?

    • Da Truth

      Up vote that☝☝☝ 10 more x’s

    • kushxchevys

      U dnt gotta run to 12 to sue u can sicv lawyets all they do is paper work serve ya civil court no 5.0 involve

    • TKingLives

      If you were a famous musician and a new artist came out that obviously jacked your whole style and flow and had a song that sounded pretty identical to one of your biggest hits you wouldn’t do anything about it legal or otherwise? That’d make you a lil bitch.

      • Ye’

        Future didn’t come out with that style either

        • TKingLives

          Ohh cmon man you know what i mean.

    • BigHomie

      Mfs turn bitch mode with the quickness and think nun of it as long as they say “shit they did it….” mf be YOU….

    • Myleage

      but it’s not Kanye’s job to pay anybody. It’s the label boss and lawyers and accountants who are responsible for that. I doubt Kanye handles the business side of things

  • black_mamba_fam

    “There’s A sign at the door No Biting Allowed”….u dumb ass new niggas Lost as fuck! Good for Future

    • Melo

      I’m not some young nigga. Don’t think… Know. And there isn’t no sign at the door. Foh

  • just another white nigga

    when i was a boy rappers never sued anyone, they shot each other like adults.

  • Whatever the case may be they both are trash and future you from the streets acting all bitter like a female niggas without d

  • Finesssser

    Fuck Up Some Commas don’t even sound like Panda tho?