It Looks Like Drake Is About To Flood Us With New Music

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  • A Drake and Ye would be very much appreciated.

    • And prob the most hated by trolls online who still gon listen to it

      • ilikemusic.

        lol probably most dick rode project by Drake Stans

  • The troll

    Ngas sware they hate drake but love hos shotbode and sing every song word 4 wprd

  • James Davia

    Idgaf just let me hold them Js I haven’t seen those in a minute Nigga gets that VIP MJ treatment.

    • SlimJuve25

      no vip treatment all he need is to know someone that is signed by jordan (proably one reason why he is a basketball player groupie) they can get any jordans in any color they want no problem ez

      • James Davia

        Well actually he has a Jordan endorsement that’s why every pic you see of him he’s wearing exclusives and and Jordan jackets and shirts and headbandz

  • OHBoy330

    Is it me or is this like that other article yall posted when he said the same thing 2 a different crowd? He BEEN saying more music was coming & yall BEEN told us this.

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    hope its more iyrtitl than views

  • Jake Newcombe

    Better than his last move.

  • licul boy

    I hope he dont come out with shit. Tired of his soft ass bitch ass. Somebody need to beat the shit out of his pussy ass. Nigga cant even come up with own lyrics

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