Lonzo Ball’s $495 Big Baller Brand Signature Shoes Revealed [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    I honestly respect lavar is trying to build a brand around his sons, it’s no different from what any other company/organization does. But nobody is buying these reject bootleg kobe 4’s for 500 bucks lmao. Only good thing about em is they look better than curry shoes.

  • Mike Bigmike Bryant

    this nigga done slipped fell n bumped his motherfuckin head

  • Food4Thought

    Bruh get them “dishwasher safe 3’s” the fuck out of here

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Nice basketball shoes fire restaurant workers

  • Astronaut

    All these shoes look alike nowadays so I can’t hate

  • Da Truth

    Dude is obviously trying to pull the wool over the world’s eyes. He’s trying to capitalize as much as possible before his son actually has to play an nba game. Once Lonzo doesn’t live up to the hype his dad has set forth not only does it hurt the big baller brand but it will hurt how serious his brothers are taken in their hoop dreams. If he flops they all $220 flip flops.

  • 100squad

    I read that in Steph Curry voice.

  • Mike

    I thought they look like Kobes

  • Je’sus

    I wondered why they looked decent at first but then I realized they looks like kobes kicks

  • Ye’

    Well unless he gets with a major company the price will probably have to stay that high

    • JD

      exactly, because he doesnt have the resources to make them cheaper yet, since hes charging so much i dont believe there are alot of pairs made yet. supply and demand. supply low, prices goes up, supply high, prices go down. simple economics lol

  • bawse

    Lame not thought out brand name.

  • Young Flacko

    You betta not drop 400 on this shit b. Smh I’m flaming the first nigga I see on site wit this bitches. Especially if you paid damn near 500 for them hoes lmfao

    • CO Killer

      Lol they not ugly, slap the Nike swoosh sign on them and people would say they’re fire but on the real If you flame a nigga wearing $500 sneakers, you better be wearing $600 sneakers

      • NYK & POT

        Why? So if I bought a Kia soul or a ford pinto for $100k nobody can clown on me unless they drive a $150k car cuz i overpaid for a pile of garbage? Nah trash is trash and these are just $500 trash.

        • CO Killer

          Lol sure buddy

          • NYK & POT

            Great and thoughtful reply. Might wanna buy those shoes now your intelligence is showing. Might wanna cover that up with some Trash BagO2s lol

          • CO Killer

            Niggas dying to go back and forth with strangers on the internet lmfaooooooo go get a life dawg

          • NYK & POT

            Just saying respect your own opinion or nobody else will. Simple ass dumb mfs always clam up when somebody proves them wrong and say shit like that. Get over yourself

      • Young Flacko

        Lol it’s not that they necessarily ugly it’s that he asking $495 for the shits. I clown the fuck outta anybody who paid $495 for some shits that look no better in style nor quality than anything Nike has put out. The price is very unreasonable and ain’t no fuckin way I’m paying $600 for some damn shoes. There’s too many better options out there for a reasonable price.

        • NYK & POT

          Exactly right. Nothing wrong with buying a kia for 10 or 20 gs. But im not about to pay luxury car prices for one.

        • John Freeman

          They have to charge that much, they dont have a major company behind them like nike or addidas, so becasue of that, they have to charge more to make them because they dont have the same resources as the major companies. it has nothing to do with “big baller” prices, he’s lying for publicity. he has has to charge that much to make the shoe until he can get someone willing to sponser them. plain and simple.

          • Young Flacko

            Fact of the matter is that they could’ve easily gotten a nice contract with any of the major companies. Another thing is that shoe is not all that sexy or appealing and the price is just disgusting. $495 for a kid that nobody is crazy about at the moment is ridiculous. I understand they don’t have a major brand backing but he’s gonna see when these hoes flop because the price is too steep. He could’ve stopped at $300, then just MAYBE people will be more open to buying them

        • CO Killer

          Then don’t buy them, simple. People paid 12k to go to another country to party with ja rule in 2017, somebody will pay $500 for them shoes

  • Young Flacko

    Mannnn I was crying on the post that had of them dudes screamin on ole boy with the light up shoes. Shit remind me of the good ole high school days when niggas tried to walk by with some bullshit on. Nahhhhh, bring that ass here boy! lmafo

  • A Jay

    Looking like something I would see in goodwill and pass up tbh

  • DonCDaCapo

    Who the fuck these niggaz think they are aha nigga ain’t even played in one NBA game nd niggaz already gettin big headed wit it

  • bawse

    This guy is so fucking dumb. He could have had one of his kids sign to nike and instead he will forever be the butt of all memes.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Man if he don’t get those Payless knock-offs outta here, smh….this nigga…

  • NYK & POT

    Yo this shit looks like they slid a $10 bill to some of the sweatshop kids at the Nike factory to make one extra pair of Kobes but in the same plastic they make walmart shoes out of. Looking like if Kobe played for And 1 lol these are so awful. And peep the stolen from Nike flywire design on the side too lol

  • LatarionMilton

    Disrespecting the goat Kobe, smh

  • Ken Carter

    I better b able to fly in those shoes.

  • yolkipalki69

    price is crazy but the shoe aint terrible.

  • Lil freshy

    wtf, kanye dont event charge that much for his shoes