Lonzo Ball Clarifies Controversial Nas Comments By Doubling Down

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  • Melo

    The media loves twisting shit. It’s good to know he wasn’t clowning a hip-hop legend (Nas). It IS unfortunate that his current choice of legends are not as positively influential.

    • Sevenwinters6summers

      Thats true but how he rap is nothing like Future or Migos. Some people just name drop just bcuz its politically correct

  • Tvedt Overton

    Sounds a lil out dated. But can’t totally hate. Not that bad of a song.

  • Tvedt Overton

    Dude on the hook sounds like Lloyd.

  • Code Name Blonde

    just because this kid doesn’t personally know anybody who is bumping Nas doesn’t mean nobody is (especially because i still do). I don’t know too many ppl who peep old school R&B besides myself, but i’m not gonna start thinking nobody does. This kid cares way too much about what the herd thinks.

    • Sevenwinters6summers

      Hes just being polictaly correct his flow is nothing like the new artists. And you bump Nas…umm who tf cares?

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      i think he meant no1 relevant in life is bumping nas. you arent

  • jurassicjrod

    sometimes those who try should just never pick up that pen….stick to ur lane

  • black adam

    stop reading at ‘real hip-hop is migos and future’.

  • Amanwithnoname101

    So does anybody thinks he’s going to be a bust?

  • Was expecting mumble rap and found I could actually understand the words.

  • Steve

    yeah none of his pimply faced not even old enough to drink crew is listening to Nas!!! That makes me happy that I’m still listening to him!!! And he said anymore!!?? LOL like they once did!! LMAO

  • Sean

    Lol this nigga is trash anyway