Logic Rips Kanye West’s Political Views

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  • JJonah

    “Musically”. And even that is debatable. .

    • Myleage

      nah. no debate. All Falls Down. Jesus Walks. Gold digger. Drive Slow. Touch the Sky. All the beats he ever produced. The artists he put on. He is the greatest hip hop producer of all time.

      • JJonah

        Without fact checking i’ll go out on a limb and say all those beats had samples – like all the beats he ever produces. To say hands down he is GOAT is short-sighted and IMO – just plain wrong. But to each his own.

        • hip hop is sampling tho, prob 98-99% of hip hop albums wouldn’t exist without sampling

          • JJonah

            That percentage is debatable also but this man went straight to GOAT. Samples aside – GOAT?! I stand by my opinion. What makes a producer TBE? Same argument for emcee’s. We talking sells? Pop-culture influence? Longevity? It’s an art not a science. The answer isn’t exact and varies widely.

          • it’s a debatable percentage, but one I don’t see going below 93%. scratchin and samplin is the foundation of hip hop production going back to when ppl were using sp12 drum machines instead of fruity loops with midi plug ins.

            I wont really touch the greatest producer ever thing because to me, it really boils down to preference and musical taste. but I def think ye is top 5 or top 10 in no particular order

          • JJonah

            i agree, it is part of the foundation of hip-hop but we aren’t exactly anywhere near that art form anymore. Shit i used to have a Boss DR5 drum machine so i feel u lol. I merely took exception to the GOAT statement. The man definitely is skilled but no GOAT for me personally.

          • I feel you on that…it really ain’t nowhere near the same type of sampling anymore. haaa the dr5 salute homie. yea man it’s hard as hell to really name a goat producer because everyone has such a diff approach to makin beats and they all sound good. from good producers that is anyway.

          • JJonah

            Whenever this subject comes up i think of cats like Manny Fresh who never sampled a day in their life and will won’t even get an honorable mention smh

          • word…bruh mannie got a craaazzy discog. no samples either, he lowkey one of the best to ever do it. he didn’t call himself funky fingers for no reason

          • Craig

            Not really anymore because most of hip hop is all 808 sub bass and synthesizers….. not nearly as much sampling as it used to be.

        • Myleage

          samples are what make great beats at times. all producers sample

          • JJonah

            *At times* and no sir, all producers do not sample.

          • Myleage

            I’m sure all producers have done it at least once. Kanye is more KNOWN for samples but Just Blaze, Swizzy, Big Krit, Diddy, Stevie J all used samples

      • William Wesley

        Dr. Dre better, and probably timbaland too, shit probably pharrel too

        • Myleage


      • DaveyStoned

        not even close to primo dre timberland dame greese just blaze, kanye is the most over rated unoriginal producer and artist in hip-hop history. he copies and samples everything.

        • Myleage

          he beats primo and timbo. are you serious? i’ll put him over just blaze

  • bawse

    fuck logic. somebody tell this guy he’s a balding white man. he seems to not get it

  • Astronaut



    Fucking idiot. Ye doesn’t support Trump this was to show solidarity to the batty man hollywood mafia.