Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Khalifa’

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  • Twizz the Whiz Kid


    • ilikemusic.

      right….him n spitta are on drug dealer time lol

      • Twizz the Whiz Kid

        Haaa! Straight up my G, Spitta said the project had already been done for some time now… but that they were just waiting to figure out how they are going to release it, as an album or a mixtape; for free, or for sale.

  • drew

    Well, I guess I’ll be the bearer of bad news… I don’t like the album really. I pre-ordered it on Google Play and it came into my library at about 11:45.

    1. BTS is decent but not great. Doesn’t have that Wiz Khalifa feel to it.

    2. Celebrate is also a just mediocre track but Wiz’s flow is annoying on this one.

    3. Elevated starts off like it’s going to be a hit but then drops far below expectations. Not feeling the production on this one.

    4. City View is easily my favorite song on the album. Wiz starts off with this classic cool talking in the beginning and then glides the beat easy. Very nice production.

    5. Cowboy is not even tolerable. Another track that’s simply below Wiz’s known capability. The chorus is also unnecessarily repetitive. I keep skipping this one.

    6. Bake Sale is SUPERB. But since I’ve already heard it, it’s worn out. But it’s still a great club song and catchy vibe. 2nd favorite song on the album.

    7. Call Waiting sounds like it should feature Patty Labelle or somebody, definitely the worse song on the album. Not Wiz’s style. Hated it.

    8. Make A Play is probably my 3rd favorite. Smooth beat and mellow lyrics like only Wiz can do. Wish there were more songs like this on the album. Nice summer time song.

    9. Most of Us is SUPER old. It’s solid but it’s a throwaway track. I was expecting more new music on here.

    10. Zoney is good. Not great and don’t see it having high replay value. Wiz is really good a choruses when he’s sort of singing, he does that well on this song. The feature with his son at the end is great though. Great to hear him interact with his son.

    11. Lit is also a OLD song. Another throwaway track but it now has Ty Dolla $ign (whom I think may have ruined it). The original one is much shorter but I think it was better. The beat is still sick and thumps hard with bass and kicks.

    12. No Permission is also another OLD song. It has a good beat and he flows well. Classic Wiz but I don’t really care for Chevy Woods so I skip once he comes on.

    13. iSay was a HUGE let down because when Wiz collaborates with Juicy, it’s usually FIRE but this sounds too POP infused with rap. I don’t like this song.

    So overall, Wiz used a lot of throwaway tracks and the album seems rushed. Could it be that he wanted to release something to feed off the recent rift with Kanye? What happened to Rolling Papers 2? Is it still coming or is this in replace of it? Wiz has been on a decline since O.N.I.F.C. to me. His last great mixtape was Taylor Allderdice. Blacc Hollywood didn’t impress me either. I hope Wiz can get back to the basics and bring the fire next time around for rolling papers 2.

    • Killa Cam Newton

      That break down was the best I ever seen ….

      • drew

        Thx bro

    • YKokoM

      Hahaha great resume

    • Ril

      Bruh with all the respect in what u said, u have to stop listening only to new songs and take my advice coz today also Young Thug dropped his new project and Future will drop his album, so take a rest coz u will get tired writing critiques for all of em, have a nice time.

      • drew

        Young thug and Kanye I won’t even bother with. I only wrote a review for Wiz because I’m a fan of his work. But compared to O.N.I.F.C and Rolling Papers, this was a let down. He should have released it as a mixtape.

        • Roger Cousins

          Yeah Wiz has fallen off a bit since O.N.I.F.C. His work from 2009-2012 was amazing, he needs to go back to that Wiz

    • Omar

      I feel like wiz has try too go pop since onifc and blacc Hollywood

    • young

      basically it was horrible

    • Jay Free

      dope review, young

    • Rick Ross

      I can tell you aren’t a jackass because of the thought you put in to this, but please listen again. Listen to ONIFC then the 9 new songs on here and its very similar. Lastly, Call Waiting is amazing, along with BTS. Let it vibe and grow on you man

    • Chill Life

      Your right about that lit song. I was playing it and then the chorus sounded different. The original was better. Ty didn’t necessarily ruined it but I liked the first one better without him

  • MrMc Clay

    Like what I heard I get my shit for free.

  • Immoveableforce2

    Cd is fire

  • not a bad album





    • Rick Ross

      he writes all his stuff. This is his best work since 2012