Listen To The Reversed Backwards Vocals In Kendrick Lamar’s ‘FEAR.’

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  • delarozay

    its not a ‘creepy hidden message’ its simply the chorus backwards

    • Myleage

      did that song from the Alright video ever get released?

      • Been out way before GKMC it’s called “Cartoons & Cereal” feat. gunplay.

        • Myleage

          that’s cartoons & cereal? i heard it a long time ago but never really got into that song

        • Myleage

          no it’s not

  • Astronaut

    Did yaw see that Crank Lucas video imitating him? Shiit was funny and cool at the same time

  • Je’sus

    People actually have time to listen to music backwards?

    • Pocho

      If it’s good shit like k dots, then yeah