Lil Yachty’s Dad Went Hard At Joe Budden For Dissing His Son

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  • imaginationsequation

    Have a feeling big yachty gonna get roasted

  • Triple O

    How old is his dad? He was went at Joe like a teenage troll.

    • 100squad

      Buddy went and told his daddy on him, dead over here..

  • bawse

    Joe Budden, Funk Flex… sad to see all the washed up old heads so desperate for cash these days. If they had a choice, I doubt they’d want to spend their days stirring up controversy for clicks. Joe Buddens at a dead end though. Nobody is streaming his music. He can’t make money touring (You would need to pay me $500+ to sit through a show for him). All they have are boring ass podcasts or the unemployment office. So I don’t blame joe… stirring up headlines is a female business plan (like that girl who claimed drake got her pregnant), but I’d take that over being completely unemployed and washed up.

    Not defending yachty’s music, just pontificating on joe buggins.

    • Cultured

      Yea but for the money he has made in his career he should have started another stream of income. You don’t need to be relevant to get money. Just get money and you’ll be relevant. He’s dumb for trying to be what he’s not, which is a leader in hop hop. I don’t respect his hustle at all, trying to bring another man down because you don’t like his music and you want views. No get your lazy add out there and make some real money, invest start a business. He needs to follow in Fabs footsteps instead of trying to bring another man down. Just don’t listen to him, I dont like country but I’m not talking about the artist and trying to bring them down. He a grown add man and need to act like it.

      • StarScream22

        What the hell are you basing your argument on? He’s not trying to be the leader of shit. He was speaking as a consumer of hiphop.

        “Just don’t listen to him”

        Did you even listen to that portion of video??? That basically was Joe’s position… Perhaps you should do some research before making rants that make you sound like a dickhead.

    • The Incredible

      Budden still has a following though. Lot of irony here in your post, but I get it.

      • StarScream22

        Joe has more of a following than Yachty will have 5 years from now.

  • Mec-One

    Pops seeing them checks so that cape on extra tight. Help ya’ seed step his music up for the sake of integrity and longevity

    • TheRenaissanceMan

      All his integrity went out the window when you take 1 look at what he raised

      • Spider-man

        Ruthless lmao

  • BrodieThaGod

    Yachty only gonna do bout 30k first week.

    • Lol shoe

      Still 100k a show lol. (That’s what he is making now)

    • CO Killer

      And that will be more than joe budden ever did

      • StarScream22

        Right, under a 360 deal…. STFU!

        Joe makes more than you and Yachties dad. Have a fuckin seat dummy!

        • YoungPrime


  • CO Killer

    He’s right, joe budden is irrelevant to hip hop. Still can’t believe ppl wanted the biggest rapper on the planet to engage in a rap battle with someone who now works at complex

    • ChiTownT

      Bruh fuck Joe Budden but he does have a minuscule relevance in hip hop. More importantly you need to accept the fact that ya mans is never the biggest “rapper” on the planet. I respect his accomplishments but the nigga Drake is a pop star

      • Bill Jansen

        Nah people who like lyrics talented music people who think about metaphors stories and actually put together ill word play and treated like a Craftt and work hard use their brain those are good rappers and. Mcs not this garbage bullshit auto tune future fetty cheef uzi mgo bs …… it’s cool noise but that’s not hip hop. Its sum otha shite

    • StarScream22

      No, Yatchy is irrelevant. Which is the point.

    • StarScream22

      Oh… a Drake cocksucker. Thanks for letting us all know.

    • Bill Jansen

      Lol u handicaped?? U and welvin and a town an mental patience listen to that horrible simple minded wanna be hip hop.. Joe budden fab dave east .. that rap you are lost homeboy and probably special ed

  • StarScream22

    All Joe said was that he doesn’t wanna talk about Lil Yachty while Ak and the girl pushed the issue. I honestly don’t wanna talk or hear about’em either. I’m just here because Joe Budden’s name was mentioned.

  • ChiTownT

    I would’ve hit pops with the “blowing me like a cello” line the told him to STFU

  • StarScream22

    Tell that Jo Jackson ass nigga that his goofy ass son is NOT Hiphop!

  • Johnathan Dough

    Wow a black guy with a dad thats rare

    • StarScream22

      Well there is potential money involved otherwise would you acknowledge that goofy talentless freak as your son…..?

      • Johnathan Dough

        You make a solid point I cant agrue with that

  • YoungPrime

    Meanwhile Joe Buddens net worth is still said to be $1.8M 14 years after “Pump it up”.

    So tell Rainbow Bright or Rainbow Black’s Dad to STFU! The only thing that’s been holding Lil Yatcky back is his lack of damn talent!

  • smith jones

    Mood muzik series is a classic.. Joe budden has more respect from his peers then yachty does.. niggas talk about numbers like new york ever cared about numbers “if It take sucking dick to sell we gonna flop”..

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      respect from his peers? as if u know anything aboiut yachtys peers? Word is yachty really is a thoro Street nigga hes put in work.. budden is just a rapper

      • CDot

        Lmao!!! Yeah ok

      • Mikejones

        -said no one ever lmao lil yachty aint thorough at all he just weird af but certain people see it as creativity and confidence so they fuck with it but don’t say nothing about yachty putting in work he aint never been apart of that life

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Captain save a hoe to the rescue. Bet he sat yachty on his lap and read it to him

  • Lord_Farquad

    Nah, I’m sorry, but I gotta side with Jumpoff Joe on this one. I respect what Yachty’s doing, but to call his music “hip-hop”? IMO, nah….pop maybe, or better yet, “hip-pop”…that’s what Yachty is…”hip-pop”. But I don’t think he’s hip-hop. I think to call Yachty “hip-hop” is to put him in the same category as people like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, etc…, and yeah, if his Dad thinks their music is similar……….(”¬_¬)

  • UnderratedTruth

    That nigga been bought and sold like his son hell no he ain’t gon down play his son’s wackass music but he know he won’t even listen to that shit! But he went at old Joe Buddens poppa bear style but Buddens wack too.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Wow I see a new trend coming soon, these young “rappers” will be having their parents defend them in the media and social media……..smh. Oh what a world we live in.


    These new niggas ruined rap and it all started with drakes bitch ass (that I spit in)

  • StarScream22

    Do some research clown, this isn’t Paul Wall or Mike Jones we’re talking about here. Joe is 15 years in and he took an apparently successful day job whose viewership is rapidly growing (More than Lord Jamal on Vlad TV). FYI, Rage Against the Machine did turn a profit as did his last tour. Point being that Joe is far from starving.

  • StarScream22

    To most black folks? YES, he’s irrelevant! To corny white people? Well you have a point….Have fun with that Grammy nom and Sprite! Pfft…..