Lil Yachty Tries To Fight Fan At SXSW [VIDEO]

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  • 100squad

    His boat almost got his boat sunk

  • dablack

    lmao he is a bitch for not going down there and fighting after all that blabla throwing water like gay ass mf’s

  • ChiCity1988


  • Kool

    Typical Lil ass niggaz lmao all bark n no bite. Lil yachty looks like that type that just throw hands, he’ll get body slammed and a knee to the face easily. Lol

  • TKingLives


  • AmazingLilBastard

    The big nigga in the QC hoodie a whole hoe out’chea. Big as you is but you scary, smh

  • Konfuzed

    This njgga is getting too big headed.

  • CDot

    That’s because nobody really fucks with Lil yatchy. He’s garbage!! The crowd did dread hearing that shit

  • tyrone biggumz

    lil yatchy a 1 hit wonder

  • Its A Prank Bro!

    this nigga sound gay

  • Thanatos Henne

    your spelling made me cringe hard af.

  • Bliss 本 当 に至 福

    bro don’t even pay any attention to that clown ,you shouldn’t of even responded lol .
    but that shift though i couldn’t even think straight after it

  • MadVillain

    these sus ass goofy niggaz on stage acting like the black Backstreet Boyz

  • Mikejones

    lmao not to be a dick but your is the proper word because spelling is something you posses brother

    • Bliss 本 当 に至 福

      wtf are you talking about lol