Lil Yachty And Joe Budden Go At It Again Over Record Sales And Stardom

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  • smith jones

    I think it just shows the internet like this dude.. your fan base ain’t that loyal. He just what’s hot rn

  • I think joe does make a good argument about the sales numbers, those aren;t the numbers a legit star like kendrick or drake puts up…but at the same time it’s a little difficult to define stardom just off of sales alone these days. I mean you got people who are legit stars just because of social media and youtube, but don’t even have 50k cash at hand.

    I think it would be incorrect to say yachty isn’t a star, but at the same time…it’s more based on his social media presence than music. to me anyway.

    • YoungPrime

      Is Yachty popular for the moment? Sure. Is he Mega Star? Nope!

  • Murder One

    All Joe needs to do is understand that the standard isn’t the same. I’m not gonna say the bar has been lowered, but it’s not the same anymore. Recognize it and give Yachty is due. Kids a star.

    • YoungPrime

      What standard? Lil Yachty’s album flopped twitter beefing with Joe for stating the obvious isn’t going to change that.

      • Murder One

        No doubt. Kid can still be a social media star while being a rap failure though.

  • FaboLoso

    I’m already seeing this show is gonna make joe and akademiks a lot of enemies, these niggas aren’t gonna be able to walk down the street without looking over their shoulder.

    • smith jones

      Nahh.. Lol everyone beef on twitter.. if anything his Twitter ain’t safe

      • FaboLoso

        dj akademiks already putting together a nice list of people who despise him..budden currently only has lil yachty on his list, haha…and hopefully for them it stays on twitter, especially akademiks.

    • BrodieThaGod

      That might end up being true, but you don’t gotta worry about shit like that with Yachty. He seems to always take the criticism well andost he does is go on the show to actually talk about it. He did the same shit with Ebro

      • FaboLoso

        true true

    • YoungPrime

      Why? For being honest? Aka was actually a Yachty fan but the album did flop while Joe’s LP actually turned him a profit.

      • FaboLoso

        yes for being honest if you haven’t notice rappers are very sensitive especially when it comes to critiquing their music and status within the industry.

        • YoungPrime

          Fair enough. So who beside Lil Yachty’s Dad should Joe and Aka be worried about?

  • black_mamba_fam

    Doesnt make Lil Boat a star..just mean the MACHINE is putting marketing dollars behind him. When they dont get the returns on their investments than they’ll move on and he’ll be just like Chief Keef and Souljah Boy…..a free mixtape nigga for life with a SMALL idiotic fanbase that consistently buy tickets to his small venue concerts and keeps him MILDLY relevant. Very much like Budden at this point in his career as well TBH.

  • YoungPrime

    Sounds like Lil Yachty is in his feels. Joe admitted on several occasions that he’s not a star but if we’re going to be fair at least his first album did go Gold. This Lil Yat album will NOT!. With that being said let see if Yat will be able to sell 22K independent in 15 years.

  • Virginia Burt

    Joe should do something else with his life instead of hating this kid

  • youknow

    The kid can be a social media star for so long… his shine won’t last

  • Lil boaty a star because his name stay all over the internet

  • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

    i watch everyday struggle daily, and joe has said again and again that stardom is based on three categories. 1. super/mega star 2. star 3. artist. He puts yachty in the artist category because he doesnt belive Yachty has the longetivity

  • Don

    I simply think people are confusing “Mainstream appeal” with the term “Mega Star”. Selling 40000 copies simply tell me that you’re more popular for your rap IMAGE, than your actual music. Let’s be ALL the way real, Yachty’s only popular now because of how many people (rappers especially) have came out and acknowledged how wack his music is, so that keeps his name and face in the news a lot (and since his name is hot, that also keeps artists hittin him up for a feature). He also speaks for the kid demographic in the social media world more than the grown folks, so that helps a lot as well. To sum it up though, I look at dude as another fad. I don’t see him being relevant 5 years (or even 2-3 years) from now after people stop talking about him.

  • CO Killer

    13 milli? Lmao I wouldn’t even acknowledge them niggas opinions

  • Sciz

    Lol this man did not make no $13 million and definitely not in 16 months……

  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    He’s not a megastar what’s so hard to see about that. I think what Joe Budden is trying to establish he doesn’t believe Yachty has the reach yet to be labeled a megastar or the longevity in which he’s ABSOLUTELY correct.

    Jay-Z is a megastar, Beyonce is a megastar, Rihanna is a megastar, Adele is a megastar, Drake is a megastar.

    Lil Yachty is a star that’s all.

  • t-stupid

    He rap he got money people know who he is fuc sound like star ta me

  • Leekluv216

    His CEO did what he was supposed to do, he’s making that nicca rich off of the dumb shit he does. So yeah, by all means stick up for that man! But I see both sides of the coin, you don’t have to be a “Mega Star” nowadays to make M’s so that is a dead point but is he relevant? Yes! May not be for quote on quote bars but nonetheless he’s relevant and he’s famous. Some may see Joe as hatin, but he’s only telling the truth from a rapper’s perspective.

  • AmazingLilBastard

    The statement about more listening than purchasing is correct. Think about it, were just now coming down off a 10+ year free music binge. The days of buying it just cause you like the artist or because the cover caught your eye are long gone #RIPCDStores

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Only Joe budden song i ever listed to was Pump it up and thats only because it was the NBA Streets vol.2 theme music