Lil Yachty Addresses His Poor ‘Teenage Emotions’ Sales Numbers

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    DAMN – the word of the year.

  • maikel

    the whole teenage this is getting tiresome…such a lame excuse.

  • You mad huh?

    had some catchy tracks but honestly it wasnt that great. probably wont even give it a second listen. i think the album art(if people even cared about it) is what pushed some away. hip hop is a very homophobic genre.

    • Craig

      I thought it would have at least had beats that slapped all the way through but a lot of the production was wack so it made it worse. If you cant rap you gotta hide behind some dope ass beats…… how could he have missed that. He cant possibly think people are into his verses.

  • Food4Thought

    He’s not a complete artist,what did you expect? He’s got a couple of good songs here and there, a gimmicky appearance, and no core fan base..These numbers are indicative of exactly where he is supposed to be

    • CDot

      What good songs he got???

      • CO Killer


        • Frank White

          that’s not his song

          • CO Killer

            Lmao then I guess he has no good songs

      • Denzel Augustus


        • CDot

          You niggas trippin Smh

          • Myleage

            that X-Men song on the album pretty dope

          • CDot

            A applaud you niggas for listening to his album and giving it a try but I can’t do it. That nigga is garage!

          • Myleage

            lol i didnt listen to the whole tape. just that one song. it came up on Tidal’s new songs of the week and I was cleaning up the crib and just played new songs on the speakers. His voice is annoying but the dude on the hook and the beat are lit

  • FaboLoso

    honestly it did more than I thought it would, I thought it would sell around 30k first week

    • Raj Parker

      It didn’t, he actually did 18K, the other was streaming numbers added in.

      • FaboLoso

        streaming counts tho!

        • Raj Parker

          Does it? Look at it this way, for every 1500 streams, RIAA counts that as one unit sale. So if Drake puts ‘Hotline Bling’ on Views and it was the only song on the track people cared to listen to, but since it’s a part of Views it basically means, on paper that if he got 3 billion streams off it, Views went double-platinum off a single song. I don’t know if I can count that as a true album sale if nobody listened to the rest of the album.

          • FaboLoso

            I feel where you’re coming from and you’re absolutely’s stupid and I hate it, but they count though..there’s nothing we can do about it.

          • Hoek

            yes there is, spread the word of the sheisty dealings these labels and industry do because they hyping a bunch of fake and crap, the people need to be aware of their tomfoolery because many people buy and have the opinion that sales numbers = talent.

          • Raj Parker

            Well, to defend the RIAA, this whole new ‘streaming counts’ rule was because of the business deal Jay Z did with Samsung when he dropped Magna Carta Holy Grail. They were launching their Milk Music store and he was dropping MCHG, so they bought 2 million digital copies of the album BEFORE release, which made it 2x platinum before release. So to make it fair the RIAA added the streaming rule. But what they should really do is have the rule count for certified singles only. 1500 plays = 1 unit sale FOR THAT SINGLE ONLY, not the whole album. Cause singles be going platinum too.

  • Murder One

    Nigga makes music for kids. He just said he made this album for his real fans. So why be upset or claim to be misunderstood by a crowd you don’t market yourself to? I dig the devotion to his fans though but nigga shut the fuck up. Ain’t nothing mysterious about this dude. There’s nothing to not understand.

  • Lol shoe

    It didn’t do well because the music sucked.

    DN freestyle is a wtf.

  • smith jones

    Lol internet rapper.. they log you online but when it comes to buying though Lol

  • MadVillain

    heres my theory


  • Red

    For how young he is, he’s very well spoken.

    • Mikejones

      its called being media trained by your label lol

      • Craig

        you know he is on the same label as Migos dont you? CQC aint doing no media training. This young boy is just smarter than most people would believe. Thats why his brand is bigger than his music. He had Sprite and Target endorsements before he dropped his first official LP thats gotta mean something.

        • Mikejones

          the migos also go on national tv and claim they don’t smoke weed or sell drugs or deal with anything to that extent its called media training friend, I’m not saying that he’s not intelligent or anything to that extent but media training is a mf

          • Craig

            Cqc is such a hood label it’s hard to imagine them putting artist through any etiquette training… but hey maybe they do to protect the labels investments.

          • Mikejones

            yeah its still a business they don’t put any types of restrictions on their artists creativity or the way they act just make sure when you’re in front of certain media sources mainly the public television which is shown to the masses don’t stereotype yourself

        • Myleage

          this dude got his own Nautica clothing line. Like, wtf is a Nautica lmao I cant hate tho

        • Hoek

          You know what it means? his music sucks and he is a gimmick being used by major corporations, the same thing happened in the past, black people were used to entertain and humor the white folk, this guy is taking us back 100 years with his bs.

          • Craig

            LeBron plugged him in on the sprite deal. He’s a 19 year old kid getting paid to do what he loves…. you are the one stuck 100 years back. It ain’t that deep. Now NFL NBA different story

    • Myleage

      It’s called having half a brain

    • Simply wellspoken or having a publicist

    • Glow Light

      Yes he is, media training Yes, but his upbringing has much to do with it as well.

      • Red

        Agreed 100%. He wasn’t from the slums. He’s pretty well from a middle class upbringing.

    • Hoek

      when your fans are 13 year old white girls you gotta talk like a cracka

      • Red

        – havard educated nigga (clearly)

  • tyrone561

    he wack af, what did he expect?



  • A Jay

    Ppl hype these niggas but got no sales and don’t support them, what Migos proved that you gotta at least make something decent to sell. I wanna say the wack niggas like Thug Yachty ect at least getting features and doing shows but ain’t no one buy that wack shit lol

  • Mikejones

    a flop is a flop *shrug*

  • Marcustko Thomas


  • Dani Becca

    umm he sucks … sorry

  • LordJiggz


  • Brocolli was the song that caught my ear but he featured on that.
    Others weren’t as big

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Fuck what he talkin bout..
    His label bought those albums

    • Hoek

      the majority most likely, its how this game is played these days, sales figures mean shit, its all fake.