Lil Wayne’s Manager Says He’s Not Slowing Down After Seizures, Talks Lean

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  • Dom Corleone

    speaking as someone who has a family member with epilepsy. This is no joke, If he doesn’t take his medications he risks losing short term memory forever. He may already be suffering mentally, and losing his sharpness, possibly why his music content has diminished. I pray for him to take medication accordingly, and wish the best for his career, and family.

  • kushxchevys

    I saw this yeterday morning man hhe get yo shit up if yall want mpre clicks try to post it first not last

  • just another white nigga

    damn why yall gotta do tune dirty like that? man has an epilectic seizure n yall put up a pic w his tongue hangin out holdin a bottle of syrup.

  • HerbaLisT Muziq

    Yea like his management actually gave a fuck bout . gon ride this nigga till he die. And yes its the fucking lean thats causing this shit.