Lil Wayne’s Bus Shooter Is Trying His Best To Snitch On Birdman

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  • Twitta Finga Itchn

    stop snitching sit down and do your time you’re the one that shot the bus up you wanted all that street cred so take your payment

    • ECUPIRATES2000

      N!gger logic right there.

      • CLOVER•

        I see what you’re doing – do you know what you’re doing ?

      • Craig

        If you are a criminal and willingly choose a life of crime and get caught why tell on others that did not get caught……. Thats called taking your punishment like a man as a result of your actions. They may be dumb actions but thats what he chose for himself. If these guys are that scared to go to prison they should have got a job and kept it square.

        • ECUPIRATES2000

          To avoid years on end of prison???? THATS why.

          • Craig

            I understand that… but its still week on his part because it was his actions that got him in trouble. I will put it to you this way without a criminal element. You and a friend are dating two girls that know each other….. and you and your friend decide to mess with two other chicks….. Your friend gets caught and you dont…… do you think its cool for him to snitch on you to help him get out of the dog house….. naturally he may if he thinks it would help him but wouldn’t you lose all respect for him… you dropped the N bomb as if there is no other criminal element that believes in a street code of conduct that says if you get caught keep your mouth shut….. the Russian and Italian mobs kill if they think someone may snitch let alone actually turn states evidence….

          • ECUPIRATES2000

            You can’t compare cheating to crime. I don’t think ratting on your friend is going to help your case either. Now when your facing 15 years in the state pen and you can bargain your sentence lower its different. Of course things change when the other is a close friend but who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same thing? After all, it is human instinct to first look out for yourself.

  • TheKingShaun

    Lmao now you wanna snitch ?? I bet he was saying shit about Birdman when he was spraying bullets at that bus.

  • MrMc Clay

    Lmao nope body has your back today lmao

  • ImmoveableForce

    Meek mill made snitching cool

    • BluntsNchevys

      Lol snitching will never be cool my boyyyyy ..

      • LaZavieyon Yung Ty Thomas

        But everybody love the rich home Quan song where he admitted to it

        • BluntsNchevys

          Speak for yourself g.
          Real niggas know what it is!

      • Je’sus

        Fr, but meek does preach about rats then started to do the same thing he don’t like.

  • YungShoota

    Smh fuckin rats. Fuck that nigga birdman tho wayne ned to get the goons to clap that fagget ass nigga real tlk.

    • Since you feel so passionate about birdman, YungShoota, why don’t you do it?

      • DLoc

        yeah YungShoota hit em up

    • ECUPIRATES2000

      Live up to your fake ass name and do it yourself poser

  • yayayayyaya

    Birdman probably like: “try and keep em alive pleighboi, but if you can’t, make sure you take pictaz of him wit his clothes off, boi”


    All rats have to die,even master splinter- Wayne