Lil Wayne Supports Drake By Spinning & Rapping ‘Back To Back’

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  • yayayayyaya

    this dude’s nightmare will never end… it’s not even an L anymore it’s now called an M

    PREDICTION ON THE NEXT M that meek takes:

    he will get dropped from MMG. This may happen quietly, or with a loudly.

    • axi0m

      did he take a moss?

      • yayayayyaya

        nah a meek

  • Zero

    We knew his YM boss was with him. We need to know what his lable mate Nicki thinks of it.

    • Je’sus

      According to rumors she dumped that nigga

      • Mikey Guerra

        she posted a pic of them hugging last night on her IG so I think everything is cool

        • S.b. Donny

          Lol she staying until the buzz die down

        • Je’sus

          Well then that’s one L he ain’t receive yet

  • Alex Canales

    Weezy and drizzly would absolutely destroy Meek


      Drake destroyed him by himself of course both would kill that nigga and his soul lol

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      *Meek and Ross

    • sk8rat

      i wanna see all of young money/ovo beef with mmg

    • kautious18

      Arent they the same musically

  • Akhenaton

    drake like:

    • LaurenRFrantz

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      • jbise9420

        Stfu with this! !! Foreal

  • HoodPromos
    • YungShoota

      Stfu nigga ain’t nobody tryin to here no goddamn beats rite now smh

      • Agenda.

        I enjoy and look forward to everything you say. A+ entertainment. Everyone catches feelings with you IDK why.

  • axi0m

    bunch of weirdo fanboys on this site. the nightmare ended when this kid got off the streets and made it in the game. and real talk, his 1st mixtape got hotter bars than any of Drake’s LPs. I bet he is laughing his ass off how many blind supporters he has tho.

    • sk8rat

      on me bro everybody just say whatever they see on social media when meeks diss wasnt even bad

      • TRAV2592

        Naw I liked meek from headshots and bloodhounds with Joey jihad and reed and all them hungry niggas I will poll always fuck with meek but at the end of the day saying that reply was hot is stupid … just a year ago or so he and Cass had they thing and Meeks verse was fucking flame …. but he ain’t have nothing to say for real except drake getting pissed on which of u read up on that it’s not even facts the way he put it… drake defiantly took the l I just hope his street cred isn’t gonna fuck him up cuz NO REAL NIGGA RESPECTS A NIGGA WHO GOT SWEET OVER A BITCH.. FACTS …

        • fried rice

          Real shit meek from them days he all we had from deep north philly but niggas respect drake and he really ain’t have to work to where he at. And if you listen to old drake or Nikki you can tell Wayne wrote for them.just like gillie the kid ghost write for Wayne during carter 1 and 2 look it up

      • FreshIzAsFreshDoes

        That’s the problem u idiot he started the beef and came back with a diss that “wasn’t bad” the shit wasn’t ether..therefore it wasn’t good.
        He a sucker x2

    • he who shall not be named

      dawg the problem is this nigga meek was winnin until he called drake out. DWMTM was hittin 250k in the first week. He got niki minaj. everything good. idk why he did that everybody was vibin to DWMTM. he shot himself in the foot.

  • David

    I came here in a Toyota listening to the radio.

  • Dope Boy

    ion think the beef is over I know im lookin past it but when shit settles down all the way I think meek gon put out a banger and hopefully revive himself

  • Thrasher

    all this drama but there wasn’t nobody trying to test TDE when they was just begging someone to come back at them…Those are the real boys sitting back and laughing right now.


      Bro who gonna talk about niggas who ain’t even going gold yet except Kendrick and for last time kendrick has never gone for drake that control verse wasn’t aimed completely at drake but to to the new school to up they bars ain’t nobody I mean nobody scared of Kendrick.

      • Thrasher

        Step your game up bro. I’m not even referring to the control verse. How you gonna get all salty when you don’t even know what you’re getting salty about? Take the dick out ya ass boy ya mad bc Kendrick took ya city’s crown.

        • NYC_GRIMVCE

          Ok then what are talking about? I’ll wait.. Second, fuck boy take kendricks dick out your mouth I’m surprised you can type and suck dick at the same time. Third and not least kendrick don’t wear no New York crown he will never ever be a king of New York hahaha nigga need to take the west crown and lastly I ain’t salty just disproving your bullshit comment and I ain’t surprised one bit about you bringing up dick in response yall Cali niggas love tranny Bruce Jenner as niggas.