Lil Wayne Is In The Studio With Birdman — But The Lawsuit Is Still On

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  • FankChiCity1988

    Lets hope this is a diss to that fat fuck Rick Ross and MMG

    • Craig

      thats all it is. Family always has issues but when someone outside the family violates the family puts differences aside and rides together.

      • Star_God

        I definitely wouldn’t be hanging with a nigga……..who got a phone call from the goon who shot my tour bus up right after the incident! It’s like niggas have selective memory or some shit! Even if baby had nothing to do with it that phone call is questionable. You only live once and someone already tried to snuff that away from you. I would check everyone!

    • Fuck what you talking about. This is going to end bad for wayne. This is why its time for black people to get off the drugs. Birdman Sandusky is fucking little wayne. Wayne counld be a 200-500 million dollar mogul with Nicki, Drake and tyga alone for the next 5 years. But now Baby is going to get that money. Birdman is going to keep buying wayne cars and saying that’s my son. Fuck that son shit. If I was wayne I would say keep the 50 million and I’m out and do what Dre did early 90s and what Floyd did so you can control your own business. He let birdman finesse him after Birdman switched sides with young thug and that nigga that shot up waynes bus. Wayne is a pussy and spineless. I know now that birdman stuck his dick in wayne.

      • Ye’

        He could be so rich

      • Somebody that Nobody knows

        u said tyga lol

        • kushxchevys

          Tygas actually doin it on his own

          • Somebody that Nobody knows

            bruh lol I’m too high to argue with u just take this up vote and leave me the fuck alone

          • Lyrics


      • 100squad

        Birdman Sandusky blaha haha ,…mane im hurting over here.

    • Lyrics

      U take this L for hating on a dude that came from the grown up and built an empire. I bet bread u live with ur parents, or in a shitty house or apartment

      • FankChiCity1988

        Lyrics STFU shit head

        • Lyrics

          U live at home with ur parents too uh….Get ur GROWN ASS OUTTA UR MOMMA HOUSE.

  • Funnyasfluck

    Wayne got paid he high as fuck

  • ilikemusic.

    Or…..This whole thing has just been a publicity stunt to make Young Thug famous (who they figure would replace Wayne once he retires), people fiend for Carter 5, make the Free Weezy Album and Sorry 4 the Wait 2 get hype and attention, and eventually a hot boys reunion where everyone will be happy again like nothing went down…. Shit’s all for the cameras this is the entertainment business. I bet the lawsuit gets “settled outside of court”

    • sosarozay300

      its not the first time theyve done a publicity stunt like that if this is another one

      • ilikemusic.

        i’m saying! People are naive to it all. Meanwhile they’re sitting back laughing at all this

  • Mister Clayton

    Wayne looks lost

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Birdman is stupid as fuck if he doesn’t just settle out of court, & finalize an agreement to pay this man his money.

  • #Worklife

    lol Yo Gotti belly is diesed